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We were at a graduation party about a month ago when the people we were visiting with asked the question that EVERYONE asks now days, “How is the house in town coming along?”  Honestly, at this point I try not to talk to people anymore because that is the question I always hear and honestly, it just gets me depressed.  The truth is-Nothing much at all has happened lately.  I am to the point that I’ve given up hope on anything ever happening as far as that goes.

I was polite and said we had been going on trips hunting for wood work.  They mentioned that their mother’s old farm house was going to be torn down.  We had been in the house and knew that the wood work was painted  and not anything that would match what we needed for the house in town so we didn’t think much of it.  The conversation continued on to our kitchen cupboards and how we had found a cupboard and were redoing it for the kitchen.

They mentioned that there was a cupboard upstairs in their mother’s house and maybe we’d want to take a look at it.  They said their nephew owned the house now and we’d have to talk to him.  Well we didn’t know that we needed another cupboard…but thanked them for the information.

A few weeks later we were at a friends house who is on the fire department with my husband.  He had been to the house as the owner was offering the house to the fire department so they could burn it down and use it as a fire training scene.  The friend happened to have taken a picture of the cupboard and had it on his phone.


Well I needled Hubby and we ended up going and looking at it…and bought it.

It’s a light lemon yellow color.  The doors have wall paper in the insets.  Then motifs from the wall paper were cut out and adhered to the dresser as a decoration.

Getting it out of the farm house was a big task.  The guys ended up taking the banister off the stair rail-then it was lowered down the hole of the staircase.  Hubby “caught it” as it was coming down.  Of course I was panicking that someone was going to get hurt and Hubby was telling me to calm down…typical of us.

I am not sure what we are going to do with it.  It isn’t a high quality wood and the drawers aren’t dove tailed.  The drawers do have bead board bottoms though.


I love that the inside isn’t painted and is all original.


I’m thinking it will get some chalk paint…but what color??  I could keep it and use it in the sewing room at the house in town…or in the basement for toy storage…or I could sell it.  Part of me doesn’t want to sell it as now the piece has a good story…and we know the lady whose house it was.  If I sell it, the person will likely not care about the story or the person or what it looked like when we bought it.

We’re debating on what to do with the top.  The trim pieces don’t have mitered corners.

The left side has no trim piece at all…Hubby really wanted to leave it there…me, I wanted it.  For $50 it was a deal regardless of what I do with it.

For now it’s sitting in the garage with the our other collected furniture.  What would you do with it??  Keep it…sell it??

Today I’m hooking up with Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thursdays.

11 thoughts on “Our Latest Acquisition”

  1. i would keep it, clean it, repaint, re-trim and use it as a place to put my stash of fabrics in! now a days everyone likes the furniture to be white over here in the Netherlands, but i do think that some kind of soft grey could be wunderfull for this ! what ever you do with it, it is worth the 50 bucks you payed for it !

  2. I agree with Winda. The trim needs to be redone. So naturally, the whole thing needs to be repainted. White or dove grey would be nice, but it could be a statement piece like Kelli’s entertainment bureau. I’m partial to greens and blues, myself, but the room it ends up in will have more to do with the color than I will.

  3. Winda hit it on the nail. If you still don’t like it after the paint and new trim…then sell it for several hundred and spend the money on your dream furniture for that new sewing room!! :o))

  4. I would keep it for storage. You can never have too many drawers or too much shelf space in a sewing room. There’s a Country Grey color which would look lovely on the cabinet and blend with just about any decor. I vote for fix it up and keep it.

  5. Hmmm…maybe just permanently remove the doors from the piece and use the top half for craft books and patterns, and use the bottom drawers for fabric storage? I would also remove the trim around the top and replace that with new trim.

  6. I think the idea of red with a peek of yellow would be wonderful. Where the inserts are you might make 4 wooden quilt squares to fill it in and use it in your sewing room. The thin drawer on the bottom looks perfect for thread storage for your long arm!

  7. What a steal!! I love it, even the yellow color of which I’m not a huge fan, but I’d definitely keep it and probably paint it a minty aqua!

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