Our Fun Weekend

We had a really fun yet busy weekend.

Friday we helped set up for the Northeast Iowa Humane Society event on Saturday then Saturday we were back and working at it.  Kelli and I were assigned to the bake sale.  When we first got there there were so many items I was sure we wouldn’t sell the all.  These tables were FULL and we had more bars and goodies waiting to some out.   I snapped this photo towards the end.  We did really good.

Someone who volunteers with the Humane Society brought gluten free goodies and Kelli was so happy!!

I sent Kelli off with the camera and told her to take some pictures so I could blog about it….believe it or not, most of the pictures she took are of dogs.


The one in the photo below is Penny.  She is up for adoption.  She just had a litter of puppies about 4 months ago.


These pups aren’t Penny’s litter.  They are a different litter the Humane Society took in to find homes for.  Good-news…All have adoptions pending.  There was LOTS of activity at the puppy pen.


Many visiting dogs came.  I really want to bring Ruby to an event sometimes as I’d like her to interact with more dogs.  So far she’s good with dogs but she isn’t ever around strange dogs much and I’d like her to have more exposure as that will be good for her once we move to town.


There were cats there too but Kelli didn’t take pictures of cats (she’s not a cat fan-I think that’s why).  There were vendors and a food stand too…oh and did I forget to say silent auction??  I did my part and bought a couple things from there.  This basket was one of the items.  It was a “pampering” basket.  Treats for the dogs and treats for me including the wine glasses…aren’t they cute??


My favorite is the one that says, “Live, love, Lick!”  I like the others too.  It was a fun purchase.  Kelli got a pottery piece that said “treats” on it and was filled with dog treats.  It was cute.

All in all it was a fun event.  They raised over $3000.  Most of that money is going to help with vet bills for dogs.  Just recently the Humane Society got in two dachshunds.  I don’t remember their whole story as to why they were surrendered.  But I do know that they are older dogs…9 and 12 years old I think…Petunia and Tulip.

Photo: Petunia and Tulip are all spiffed up and ready for their big day at the HSNEI Spring Event tomorrow!  We hope to see you all there!
Both had big time medical needs.  Dental was horrible with one having to get most if not all teeth removed.  There were lumps in the belly that were removed too.  Vet bill for these ladies was over $1200.  It’s hard to believe that almost half of the money we raised will go just towards the vet bill for these two.

They were the sweetest dogs ever.  I think they might still need homes.  They need to go together though.  Learn more about the pets we have for adoption here or if anyone would like to donate, you can do that here.

I have to say, Kelli and I both have enjoyed our involvement with the Humane Society and hope to do more.

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  1. nice! I read though that it was for the HURRICANE, no the HUMANE society! i had the hardest time trying to figure out why the dogs were there! LOL I had to read it again!

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