Our Favorites: Notions

I thought I would give you a little update on a few of the notions we have tried.  We try so many things and often have a short turn around time from the time we get things to the time we have to do a review.  We know we initially like and don’t like things but we sometimes don’t know how much we LOVE things.  Today we are featuring a couple things we really love.

The Gypsy Quilter originally sent two Cutting Gizmos for us to try–one for me, and one for Kelli.  I tired mine out right away and loved it.  Kelli was a little ho-hum about it and said she didn’t need another something laying around that she probably wouldn’t use and told me to just give her’s away.  I said are you sure…I LOVE mine.  There was no convincing her and we gave her’s away.

Now I have been using mine for a couple months and Kelli has used it quite a few times too when she was here.  Saturday she said, you know, I sure wish I’d have kept mine.


Both of us really love the Cutting Gizmo.  We’ve had plenty time to test it out and both of think it’s pretty awesome and very useful. They have them available on Amazon at a discounted price if you’re interested  Gypsy Quilter The Gypsy Cutting Gizmo.  We were talking about how we are going to lay out the quilting room at the new house.  We decided that we want to purchase another of these so we have one at the sewing station and one at the ironing station.

Another notion that we want to re-recommend to you is the Seam Fix Seam Ripper and Thread Remover.  (Don’t mind my fingernails..it’s what happens when you bounce from the garden to quilting)

We spent much of last week working on this quilt.  Kelli had trouble and had twisted some of the blocks and then I had trouble and twisted a whole row.  That make for LOTS of tiny threads left in the seam.  This little seam ripper saved the day!!  The ends are like erasers and lift the threads from the seam when it is rubbed on…I love it!!  It really made working with the mistakes much easier.  If you are interested, here is an Amazon link for one. Seam Fix Seam Ripper & Thread Remover #653542   The plan for the new quilting room is to have one of these at each of the sewing machines.

Have you tried any new notions??  We’d love to hear what you love and what you wouldn’t want to live without in your sewing room.

8 thoughts on “Our Favorites: Notions”

  1. Have you tried the Clover Wonder Clips (little red ones)? I bought my first 10 and the second set a box of 50 (25 each) with another quilter. Great for when you are hand stitching a binding or I use them when I baste my English Paper Piecing units. Bought also the bigger green ones, but just have not tried them. Stay cool. From northern Iowa. . . .

  2. Michelle Hohbach

    I have the seam ripper in pink, one of my favorite colors. I like it, it is easy on the fingers and I do like the thread remover part.. The only thing I don’t like is, the cap has no where to go.. After ripping out, I have to stand up and figure out where the cap is hiding.. I have purchased the seam ripper as gifts and everyone likes it..

  3. Michelle Hohbach

    I have not tried the Gypsy cutting gizmo. I think that would be a great addition to my quilt room. I am teaching my grandkids to quilt, we are starting out with pillowcaes, I think it would be handy for them to use. I might have to get one.

  4. Tell Kelli to get a wood tinker toy like wheel with a hole and lay it flat then put her seam ripper cut end up in the hole and start cutting away on those chain pieces. It’s cheap and no more klutter than she already has. LOL
    I have that eraser seam ripper. I got at a retreat mystery quilt last Aug. I like it for the same reason. My fav. ripper though is the old ‘Clover’ brown handle one.

  5. I have rheumatoid arthritis and so I am very aware of joint pain and repetative motion injuries. I use the Martelli rotary cutter and it has helped so much in my hand, wrist and shoulder pain. It also allows me to cut while sitting on the days my legs just can’t handle standing. The rotary cutter is not just for people who have arthritis or carpel tunnel, it is good to avoid pain and injury. I can’t say enough about this wonderful cutter.

  6. I love the cutting gizmo!!! I thought as well that it would be one of those gadgets I never use but I have it right by my sewing machine and love it when I’m chain piecing!!

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