Our Favorite Shop: Maker’s Market

My daughter Kalissa has her shirt business and occasionally she takes shirts to Maker’s Market in Sumner Iowa.  They sell them for her.  Kalissa called me last week, asked what I was doing and if I wanted to ride along so she could deliver shirts.  I said sure.  It’s my favorite antique/decor spot to go to so how could I pass up a chance?  Anders, my grandson, came along.

The store was decked out for… Christmas.

There was so much to see.

…almost too much to see.  HA!!

Kalissa and I roamed the store but both of us were not thinking of Christmas yet.

I have almost bought this cabinet there the soap is displayed so many times I love it.

The shop is great as it has a wide variety of things.  The antiques are for sale…

There is jewelry, wine, soaps…



even clothing.

Kalissa and I always like the clothing that’s here too.  I tried to get that buffalo plaid in my size but it was sold out.  Drat.

Several times Kalissa and I both said, we want to come back once we have our Christmas decorations up.

We’re a family that doesn’t really do Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving.

It really did feel festive.

I’m more of an antique girl than a small decorations girl so coming back in two weeks when some of the decoration stuff has been purchased and it’s easier to see the antiques sounds perfect to me.

I think I might get a couple of ornaments that were on the tree to the left.  I also was thinking about two of the red candles.  I already have somewhere to put them.

I love that you can easily buy a gift here…one that’s unique.

The aesthetic of the whole building is perfect for the shop.

See the gray bag on the floor?  Kalissa has it and loves it!

I loved this drawer and am tempted to buy it.  Little cross-stitch pieces would fit in there so nicely.

I didn’t see a price on it and I didn’t want to move things around a lot to get to it.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Kalissa and I both loved the “Oh Holy Night” piece.  So tempting!!

The way it was displayed was so cute too.

Admittedly, I got sad for about half a second after going.  I love this style of decorating but with all the little kids in my house, it’s really something that isn’t practical.  Then I reminded myself that I would MUCH rather have the kids and limited decor.

I loved the little white cabinet.

These little candy canes really caught my eye.  I should do something like that with the childcare kiddos.  They could wrap fabric on candy canes.

Oh so many things…

I wish I had a bigger house and a bigger pocket book!!

We had fun browsing.  If you’re in the area or driving through, check out Maker’s Marker in Sumner Iowa.

17 thoughts on “Our Favorite Shop: Maker’s Market”

  1. What a GREAT SHOP!! I would get into so much trouble there probably any time of the year. The owner(s) definitely have a great knack for decorating. So many cute things and it’s all arranged perfectly.

  2. Oh I would love to go that shop! Each time you show it, I drool! Of course I neither have a place for any of the things I saw that I liked or the “pocketbook.” Just fun to see though. That shopkeeper is very talented with the displays.

  3. So much fun …this is part of getting into the spirit of Christmas going place and enjoying decorating and decor. So glad you enjoyed you outing .

  4. Beryl in Owatonna

    What a wonderful place!! They do a great job of displaying their products!!
    My apartment is too small to much more tan I already have. I guess I could get rid of some and add some new things! I’m afraid I would be tempted to do just that.
    I hope you can go back and pick out a few things. It would take most of the day to see everything, but such fun to do that.
    Have wonderful Thanksgiving, we have s much to be thankful for.

  5. Jo, thanks for the tour of that great little store! It really got me in the spirit, and I’m glad you got a chance to do something w/Kalissa and little Anders. Babies are so portable at this age, aren’t they? I don’t have any grandkids (wish we did), but everyone’s happy and healthy. I love seeing yours and reading about all your ‘adventures’, plus all the new doggie stories…..Rosie must be in heaven with all the new friends coming he way. Enjoy Thanksgiving w/your family….I know you’ll have some great tales and tails to tell.
    Peggie Riccio
    Fremont, NH

  6. Thanks for taking us along on your trip to Summer Iowa. I have been to the shop a few times with my mom. They do such a nice job with displaying items and their inventory is always changing. Love that Anders was with you both. It’s getting to feel like Christmas, but first I need to have some turkey.

  7. The market looks like my kind of store too. Love how displays are set up. My budget would not cover much of it but I would find a way for some of the antique pieces if I had room for them.

  8. I enjoyed seeing the antique displays….but there for a moment I actually thought we were going to get to see Kalissa’s shirts displayed! A natural thing to expect, as you mentioned that was the reason you were going with her. I was looking forward to it…

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