Our Crazy Weather

Here we go again.  Our weather has been the wettest I ever in my life remember.

See the yellow?  That’s a flood watch for us.  It starts tonight and goes into Thursday night.


What?  Yes, read that again.  I’ve read it several times.  I’d like to say that I can’t believe it because I can.  Let me remind you, this is not the coast.  We are not experiencing a tropical storm.  THIS IS IOWA.  The reason I can believe it, the same scenario has happened twice already in the last month or so.  I am sure others feel a little like me..in the previous rains they’ve not alerted us like they are this time.  Previously we were told a couple inches….later to end up with 7.  This time they are saying 7 or more.  Let’s hope they are wrong.

Remember not long ago I told you that the town experienced record flooding a month ago?  Remember that it nearly flooded just a week or so ago?  Remember that I told you that Hubby is having so much trouble harvesting crops this year because of the continual rain we’ve been getting?  We really need the rain to stop.

As I was reading the forecast I also read a piece where they said that our area has already experienced 300% more rain than is normal for us in the last 30 days.  That’s a lot.  I so wish I could turn this storm around and sent it to the many of you who are wishing we rain.  We don’t want it.  We don’t need it.

We’ve had rain over the weekend so already the rivers and creeks have more water running through them than normal so it’s not going to take a lot more to spill them over their banks.

I am SO thankful that we don’t like in a home that gets flooded.  I am so thankful that the roads we travel don’t get flooded out….still, this is getting old…and I feel horrible for those in neighboring towns who still don’t have the damage from the first round of storms fixed.  So many north and east of us had walls of their basements cave in.  More rain is not what they need.

I am getting more and more anxious for harvest.  Rain chances are plentiful even past this initial flood watch period.  This is a double whammy…rain tonight and again tomorrow night.  I’ll keep you posted and let you know how it goes.

8 thoughts on “Our Crazy Weather”

  1. So sorry for all that is happening. Flooding has the additional pain of insurance issues.

    Hope hubby can get in the fields. I am sure he is also watching the skies.

  2. I am so sorry for all the trouble you have been having with harvesting and flooding! Here in Indiana it is incredibly green for this time of year. Most years things are pretty burned up by now but not this year. Everyone is complaining because they have to mow so often because we’ve had so much rain. I wish we could send some out west or to the east where they need it. We sure don’t!

  3. Mary Etherington`

    I thought of you guys immediately and wondered if you had been able to cut any sileage yet. Just had an alarm go off on my phone warning us of flood possibilities in our area and we are on high ground, too. Two of our neighbors were in the corn today but this next rain will put a halt to that. Sure hope it doesn’t amount to 7″ for you!!!!

  4. We live in North West Arkansas. We also can remember getting this much rain. Can’t seem to keep up with with cutting the lawn. Hope the weather man is wrong with your forecast.

  5. Oh my. I wish you could send some of that rain our way. Our town is fed through a natural underground aquifer and it is seriously low due to a lack of snow cover last winter and rain this summer. As a result, we’ve been on mandatory water restrictions since the beginning of June and the plan is to haul water should we run too low.
    My thoughts are with you all, however. dealing with too much rain is just as stressful as not having enough. Keep yourselves high, dry and safe!

  6. Wish we could get some of that rain! We had a mild winter with little snow and they forecast rain but it goes somewhere else. Too bad we can’t share the bounty!

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