Our Chilly Weather

For the last few days the weather here has been unseasonably cool.  Typically here in Iowa it’s mid 80’s to mid 90’s.  Yesterday it was in the lower 60’s even for daytime highs.

In fact, when Kalissa was mowing lawn she had on a sweatshirt and sweatpants along with a jacket.

Shortly after this picture was taken she was back in the house for a headband and gloves.  This has been such a crazy weather year here in Iowa.

Personally, I am loving the cool weather.  Hubby however keeps reminding me that these cool temperatures don’t grow corn.

7 thoughts on “Our Chilly Weather”

  1. I know it doesn’t grow corn, and mom’s tomatoes are still quite green, but I love the cool weather as well! Hubby was on RAGBRAI last week, and it was perfect for the riders!

  2. Florida weather is a bit strange too. We normally have a ” rainy season” where we get afternoon showers each day for a few minutes. This year we have gotten all day and all night rain to the point that the yards are gushy and the ponds are over flowing.
    The June Bugs haven’t been seen at all yet and it’s almost August. The Love Bugs which are usually a multi week headache were here less than a week that we could tell, but we were traveling. There have been more agricultural issues, but we probably won’t know the ramifications until later. I do like the lower temps, but am concerned a bit about what the outcome will be.
    If I were a worrier, between the weather (worldwide) and the politics ( worldwide) I would be crazy! Thank God for the sewing room!

  3. I’ve been hearing that about the corn from my hubby too. Luckily we had some decent weather when it was pollinating but now we need some heat! It’s a bit cold for me but I don’t know if I want the 95 degree stuff we had a couple of weeks ago either.

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