Our Book “Country Girl Modern”

Last Friday our book arrived at my house via UPS.  I was so excited but a little frantic as the house was still a unorganized mess.  I called Kelli and told her and she made plans to come Saturday so we could get them in the mail to all who ordered ASAP.


That left me frantically trying to get the office in order so we could actually use the room for order processing.  By the time Kelli came on Saturday I had the envelopes with return address labels on them and the room although not perfect was usable.

When Kelli came she started the process of printing the order forms.  Then it was time to sign the books and stuff envelopes.


At this point in the day we finally got a system in place that seemed to work for us.  There are more boxes of already processed orders in the dining room.  What a lot of orders and what a busy day!!

It was a fun time working at a project together again with Kelli…even if it wasn’t sewing.  We are both just so humbled that so many of you have enough confidence in our work that you ordered a copy of the book.  We can’t thank you enough.

For anyone who was waiting to order until the books actually came in, you can order now.  I’ll get your book out to right away.

We’ve had people ask if they can send a money order or a personal check, that’s fine.    The order form is here.  We had a couple people wondering and not wanting to order until they had our new address.  Here it is:

111 2nd Ave NE
Waucoma, IA 52171

We also had people who are local wanting to stop by and purchase one so they can save on postage.  I have them here in stock at the house so that’s fine too.

We aim to please and accommodate all orders.  If you have any questions, drop me a note at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.  THANKS!!

7 thoughts on “Our Book “Country Girl Modern””

  1. Yea , Jo, Can’t wait to get my copy !! What a crazy time for you ! It must feel wonderful, if you have the time to enjoy it all !!

  2. pam in illinois

    Oh goody!! I guess I can expect mine in the mail soon!!!! Good job ladies!
    Seems like everything comes at once. Glad you had some help. pam

  3. Congratulations! You might want to take time to take a picture of both of you with the book. What an accomplishment!! :)

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