Our Antiquing Finds

If you read the morning blog post you’ll see some of the many things that tempted us when we went to the antique show in Clear Lake, Iowa over the weekend….so are you wondering what we bought??

It took us a long time and hemmed and hawed trying to make a decision but we ended up bringing these old porch posts home with us.  We had already purchase some at Menards but they have a modern look.  These are the real deal and I love them.  The only problem….there are four and we really should have five.  We decided to do a little tinkering with the plan to make these work.


Of course these didn’t come all cleaned up and beautiful….  Yep, I signed on for more work when we purchased these.

Remember Hubby wanted this sign??

He loved it as it is Waucoma memorabilia but I talked his out of it.  He was still tempted though.  As we left the park to go look at the shops down town he said, “I just might go back for that sign”.

In one of the shops he found this instead…it’s an old Cargill sign.  Well for me, this is more meaningful.   Years and years ago, Hubby’s dad sold Cargill feed.  I liked this one much better.  This is going in the garage…or basement.  He wants a man cave.

This one is a better size too…not as unique but more personal for us.

All in all…a fun day and I like our finds.

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  1. I think that blue rug is a rag rug woven over large mesh rug hooking canvas. If the back was the same as the front, the weave was probably done both ways at once.

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