Our 28th Wedding Anniversary

Well today is our wedding anniversary.  It’s 28 years today of wedded bliss.

Don’t you love the pastel differently colored dresses??  That was not by choice.  I was 3 months pregnant and we couldn’t get fabric or dresses in that fast.  We ended up finding satin at two different JoAnn fabrics stores so that there enough colors for all the girls.  My sister made the peach dress.  My sister in law made the flower girl dress.  The pink dress was made by the gal wearing it and I think my mom made the other two and made my dress….oh…she catered the meal too.  My mom was wonderful.

Theses last 28 years have been wonderful years and honestly, they just keep getting better.   When we bought the house and started tackling the remodel, I thought, “oh no…here we go.  We’ll be doing lots of disagreeing.”  But we haven’t.  Luckily we both like what the other likes for most part…or neither or us has a strong enough opinion to rock the boat.

I am so blessed because we really get along wonderfully.

28 years ago it was a horribly hot day…today it’s nice and best yet, most of the kiddos are home and helping us with the house.  We always tell them not to buy us anything and we truly mean it…a visit and a little help mean so much more to us.  I never dreamed we’d have five kids or that we’d be living in Iowa (both of us were Minnesotans) but I sure am glad that this is the adventure we’re on and that we’re still together.

I am so happy for every day I get to spend with him.  I truly hope for a least 28 more.

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  1. Congratulations on your 28 wedding anniversary! That is quite a mile-stone in this day and age. My husband and I celebrated our 31st last November, our last as he passed away about 2 weeks later. Enjoy and treasure each day you have with your DH.

  2. I love the dresses, they all did a wonderful job! Love the picture and congrats on 28 years…32 years here. Those who are smart planning weddings, are smart all though life…no need to spend thousands of dollars that just adds stress to all. You did good!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! The color of the dresses were in style in the eighties!!! I had the pink satan. I’m 26 yrs here.

    Have to mention that I just finished an audio book called… A thousand women. A journal of May Dodd. Borrowed it from my library and loved it. Give it a look..

  4. I too love the dresses. I think it’s a better look than having all the bridesmaids wear the same thing! My 16th anniversary was July 25th. We are both on second marriages and we get along better than the first one!

  5. Congratulations Jo! Is there a story behind the guy on the left? Did you have a male bridesmaid? You really were a trendsetter.

  6. The dresses are lovely…..but, oh, those pastel tuxes!!! What an indignity for the males in wedding parties of the 70’s and 80’s

    Happy anniversary and many more to the Kramers!

  7. Congratulations on 28 years!! We are just behind, we will celebrate 28 next weekend. I think the different color dresses look great. We only had one bridesmaid but used pastel blue and our flowers were yellows, pinks, blues and whites. The guys wore suits instead of tuxes and whatever they had but it all blended. Where did the last 28 years go – it doesn’t seem that long.

  8. Just goes to prove that you two were right for each other. I love the way weddings used to be done where there was much more personalization to them. I see so many weddings where the party looks like an ad for David’s Bridal. It is a tribute to you and hubby that you are still so in love after 32 years. Best wishes for many more years of wedded bless.

  9. Congratulations and I wish you many more happy years together. I so appreciate you sharing you life and talents with us online.

  10. your blog is so interesting – I never know if I will read about love, or quilting, or pouring cement! Just keep on keeping on….

  11. Happy Anniversary! We have just celebrated 14 and can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Something to be said for marrying your best friend. Best wishes for many more. Thanks for such a great blog also!

  12. Congratulations on your 28 happy years! I wish at least 28 more for you, too. My sweetheart and I celebrated 48 years on June 26, 10 days before he went to heaven. Love and cherish every day you have together.

  13. Happy Anniversary. We will celebrate 33 years next month. We had peach colored dresses and the guys wore the grey tuxes like yours. I enjoy all aspects of your blog. My parents were DIY people. They laid cement block for the basement of their house that they had moved in when I was growing up. 25 years ago my husband and I bought a house on the mainland and barged it across the water to our property where live on Whidbey Island. A lot less money and no making decisions on how to build the house!! So I enjoy reading about your adventures.

  14. Congratulations on your 28th anniversary. Hubby and I have 27years this year and we too are soul mates. Good luck for the future to you and yours.

  15. Congratulations on your 28th anniversary! We celebrated 46 years on June 1. I am a transplanted Minnesotan, too. I spent most of my life in Pine River. Just curious as to where you were from. We have lived in the same house on a farm near Oskaloosa, Iowa, for 46 years, and have remodeled or added on many times. I enjoy reading your blog each day. You are very talented. I love scrappy quilts, and have done some of Bonnie Hunter’s patterns. May you have many more happy years together.

  16. Happy Anniversary to both you and your husband! We have been married 47 years in August. Everyday, I look forward to reading your blog posts. I love seeing the work you have been doing on your new house. You all are a hard working family with a lot of talent!

    Take care.

  17. Happy Anniversary! If like us it seems as if you’ve only just begun your journey together. We passed the 41 year mark in May. It’s kind of like raising babies. My advice to new Moms is to keep them out of the sun and don’t teach them to talk. Otherwise before you know it you are walking them down the aisle :) . I love reading your newsletter and blog. I just don’t know where you get all the energy to do the things you do. Please enjoy the family continue taking in rescues and quilting for charities. I just love the beagles…..my babies are a pair of miniature dachshunds we adopted from the SPCA. I cannot tell you how much joy they have brought to our lives. Felix is my husbands 1st very own dog and Oscar is my sweet red dapple. All the dogs in our lives over the years have been mine……just because I was their stay at home Mom. Then for another time I’ll tell you about my birds. I’m down to 4 from 14. I shouldn’t work in a pet store……… obviously :)

  18. Happy Anniversary and I to hope you have a ton more of them together. I lost the love of my life a little over 12 years ago and the good memories are what you cling to when they are gone. Enjoy every adventure together and never forget to tell each other how much you love them.

  19. Love your picture!
    We are at 30 years–reused the bridesmaid dresses from my sister’s wedding two years earlier, and they are different colors too to get enough moire taffeta purchased at Minnesota Fabrics.
    Married in Sioux County, Iowa.
    We Midwestern girls are a pragmatic bunch!
    My very best wishes for a long and happy life together.

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