I’ve been busy working on my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  I have to say..for me, it’s a messy project.   I’m digging through scraps and things can easily get messy in a hurry when I’m doing that.  Last week it was just horrible.  I worked on the blocks in the evening then when it’s time for bed I spent time cleaning the mess up.  It’s never good for me to be cleaning when I’d rather be sewing.

I knew I needed a better system so while I sewed I tried to think of something that might work a little better.  I came up with this.  See the white plastic drawers.  Well those were something I used at the farm house but didn’t need here.  I didn’t want to give them away knowing I could likely use them somehow with childcare.  The drawers ended up getting stashed down in the basement waiting for a purpose.

Now I am using them to keep my scraps sorted.  In the top drawer are the papers for the blocks.


Each of the drawers has a different part of the block in it.  The drawer below is full of large triangles.  One part is whites…the other colored ones.  All of these are the last triangles that get sewn on the blocks.

This drawer is for the longer-bigger last strips that get sewn on the blocks.

When my blocks get to the stage that then need a specific piece I just pull out the drawer and grab the type and size of strip I need.  This has worked so well for me.  I really like the system.  Had I not already had the drawers, I’d have been tempted to go out and purchase some.  I think I save lots and lots of time having things organized to make the block building happen more efficiently..and best yet, clean up time is almost not needed anymore.  I just push the drawers shut and it’s clean!

I’m on a mission to finish more blocks…so I’m off.  I’m hoping to get a few pieces sewn before the childcare kiddos get here….

4 thoughts on “Organizing”

  1. This is a great idea! I use my scraps to make paper pieced 6″ log cabin blocks, and I totally ‘get’ the mess part. Sorry to say, I will have to purchase the drawers but it will be worth it.


  2. what size squares are these? I did one that looks a lot like this – totally scrappy 6.5 inch blocks, I got tired of paper piecing and quilt at a wall hanging size, I would love to try for a bigger one one day but the smaller blocks did me in. I might try 12 inch blocks some time.

  3. Good for you !!!! Can’t believe you are making THAT quilt during a move !!! You are energetic… but isn’t it fun ??? I finished mine, and it’s spectacular, and I love it… get ready, though, cause it weighs a TON !!!! I used a very thin Thermore batting and it still weighs a ton !

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