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I’ve slowly been making a few changes around the kitchen and laundry room.  It all started after one day in town when I overheard some ladies talking about their kitchen and counter space.  That got me thinking about my own space.  I’ve been living here at the house for almost five years.

When we moved in we didn’t have all the cabinets in the laundry room or shelving in the closets.  When we did get them, I just put the leftover stuff in them and didn’t really think much about it.

Well now that Kramer passed away in June and I have more “reign” of the house and know that things will be put away where I want them, I’ve rethought a few things.  I’ve also been playing a few personal rules over in my head…
1-make things as convenient as possible for usage
2-use my head and save my feet
3-touch things only once if possible

In light of that…the dishwasher pods got moved out of the laundry room and into the kitchen.  They are in the flour canister now.  No steps needed to get a pod.

I’ve made a few more small changes like this…See my Instant Pot.  That used to be on the counter and the Air Fryer was here.  Well I use the Instant Pot ALL THE TIME.  I use the Air Fryer occasionally.  The Instant Pot was on the counter and to get more counter space I decided the Air Fryer was getting kicked out and the Instant Pot was going to live here now.

I love my little eclectic spot.

I’m not sure what that red drawered thing is but that’s where I keep the silverware.

The label on it says, “The Queen Gas Stove”.

I bought it YEARS ago.  We were first married and it was one of the first auctions I went to.  It’s sat on a counter in whatever kitchen I was in at the time and has been our silverware drawer.  Yes…I love Pioneer Woman dishes…See?That’s something else that changed after Kramer passed away.  I bought floral dishes.

Well all this moving has lead me to needed a spoon holder.  I didn’t use one when it was on the counter but over here, it seems necessary.

These are all just little changes but they’ve really made a difference.

In the laundry room (utility room off my kitchen) I keep the microwave.  I’ve never liked a microwave on the counter in the kitchen and I’ve never liked the over the range ones so I put that in the laundry room the day Kramer put the cabinets in there.

The Air Fryer moved in here.  I really like it here.  I don’t use it very often but use it enough that I’d like to keep it.

Things have been rearranged in the cabinets too.  Things I use more often have been moved to the easiest access.  I haven’t done this all at once.  One day one idea hits me…another day, another idea.  So far, I’ve found it all to be good ideas.

I’ve been taking time to think, “How do I use this?”, “Is there a way I can make it more efficient?”, “How often do I use it?”.  Whatever the answer is to these questions makes me think and know little changes I could make to tweak things and make my kitchen just a little more user friendly.

I’m happy with the simply, cost free changes that I’ve done and amazed at how with just a little more thought put into things, I’m making the kitchen a better place to hang out in.  That’s saying a lot as I’ve always LOVED my kitchen.

This picture was taken when we first moved in…I was in love with then…

and in love with it now.   Isn’t it great to love where you live?

(P.S.  This was before the wood trim got put up)

If you wanted to see the kitchen tour from back then, HERE it is.

6 thoughts on “Organizing My Space”

  1. #3 is called the OHIO plan. Only Handle It Once. My cousin in Ireland shared with us. We former Ohioans had not heard of it. Now I’m in Massachusetts but still trying to use the OHIO plan.

  2. Yes Jo, the Instant Pot trumps an air fryer or microwave any day! I’m surprised with your large family you don’t have more than one! I would take your kitchen any day over a super slick kitchen of today!❤

  3. Having things closer and more efficient is a smart move. Why make things harder on yourself?

    Instant pot over air fryer anyday. That makes perfect sense to move them. Love your silverware keeper. In fact, love the kitchen!

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