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Okay all.  I am scared to death to hit the publish button on this blog post.  I feel like I am opening a can of worms.  Last week I gave you a sneak peek at the T-shirts I had ordered with quilting sayings on them.  I got a HUGE overwhelming response to them.  It made me decided to offer them here on the blog.  But that’s scary.  I got lots of comments from people saying they wanted V-neck options…they only wanted cotton, etc.  Well…I’m just little old me with a full time job and a blog and a website and many other obligations.  I am going to do the best I can to handle it all but I need EVERYONE to be patient with me.  I will fill orders after childcare and do the best I can.

I have a limited inventory right now…but, my printer girl is AWESOME and fairly quick.  If I run out, I’ll put in another order and then I wait two weeks to get them in and will send the T-shirts out to then.  SO…if you order today, there is a chance you won’t get the order for a three weeks-because of reordering, printing, and then getting the shirts back to me and me getting them in the mail.  I promise, we will do the best we can but don’t order unless you can be patient.

I’ll be offering shirts for the month of August and after that, can’t guarentee that I will be restocking.  I have too many irons in the fire and don’t know if I can keep up with it all….but I sure am excited to try.  So if you are thinking of ordering a shirt for a girlfriend for Christmas, now is the time to order because I might not be offering them by then.

Here are the shirt options.  There are FIVE different options.  Shirts are only available in the color they are shown in.  Shirts are $20 each as shown.  NOTE:  As far as sizing….I typically wear an XL but sometimes a Large.  I can fit in the large but prefer the XL.  That leads me to believe they are true to size.

If you want to order, here is the LINK to our sales site.  I will ship internationally.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR SIZE OPTION IN THE COMMENT BOX.  If you don’t it will delay your order.

Now for those of you who want special options feel free to email with what you want.  I can’t guarantee that I can do it but I’ll try.  Please note that special options will likely cost a few dollars more.  Email those requests and any other questions to rogjok@iowatelecom.net.  THANKS.

5 thoughts on “Ordering T-shirts”

  1. That’s quite a haul! Our thrift store rarely has fabric and if they do, it’s usually really weird stuff! ;-) I do better on $1 Saturdays with men’s shirts.

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    My son ventured into the T-shirt business and I am stuck helping him to get rid of them. Good luck. I’m sure quilters are more helpful. To make a V neck, just cut a slip in the neck of a Tee. Looks great and works well.

  3. Hi Jo, I marked the Blue shirt. I will need an extra large. How do you want me to pay for it?
    I can send a check and it should clear by the time the shirt is ready. I can also get my husband to pay pal. I don’t do paypal, but I can get either to you. Good luck with your new venture.

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