Orange Sunkist

Something happened to my family while Kramer was sick.

Previously I kept Diet Orange Sunkist on hand for Kelli.  Yes…I’m a nice mom like that and keep the garage refrigerator filled with kids’ favorite beverages.  I rarely bought Diet Orange Sunkist as Kelli brought her own and she was the ONLY one that drank it.

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No one else would touch it.

When Kramer was sick I drank more pop than water.  That’s not typical of me.  It was a stress and I wasn’t thinking enough to take better care of myself.  Well one day the refrigerator wasn’t stocked with my usual drink so I grabbed a Diet Orange Sunkist.

Well…my world changed…I started right then and there drinking it more often.  Then one day the kids were having rootbeer floats.  I didn’t have enough rootbeer so I had a float with Diet Orange Sunkist.  Oh my.  I liked that better than root beer floats.  I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t.

I have to tell you…when I was little orange pop was my favorite.  We didn’t have pop much when I was a kid but when we did…I was all about orange pop.   Here’s an old picture…Proof I was an orange pop fan as a kid.  See??
That’s me sitting on my sister Judy’s lap.  The story goes that I cried and threw a fit until they got me an orange pop and apparently, this was the only size available.

I thought I had long since passed that phase of loving orange pop.  I guess now…it’s back.  You know what they say, what’s old is new again!!

As a college kid and young mom, Diet Mountain Dew was my thing.  I’ve been through a Diet Root Beer (only the A&W version) and a Diet Dr. Pepper phase. That one lasted quite awhile.  I’ve also been through a Lipton tea and Snapple phase.  It seems I catch on something and then I stick with it awhile.  I’ve never had one return like this orange pop thing has.

Well since I started loving it, I said something to Karl…now he’s hooked on it too.  And now that it’s in the refrigerator more, Neighbor Girl has picked that as her favorite too.  Well at least it goes on really good sales….around here better sales than other pops.  So, load up the truck.  I think we’ll be buying more Diet Orange Sunkist than any other pop around here…for awhile anyway.  Who knows when I’ll be on a new kick.

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  1. yep, I have been an orange cola fan from childhood, just as you are! If my parents took us to get ice cream I always got orange sherbet. And vanilla ice cream in diet orange Sunkist is a typical nighttime treat for me. I make it in a coffee cup so I can hold the cold cup by the handle! Stir it all up til it’s nice and mushy….ahhhh, heaven. Takes me back to Dreamsicle days. (I recently found out the Sunkist brand has a fair amount of caffeine so I am trying Diet Orange Crush now. It’s okay, but I still prefer the Sunkist brand.)

  2. At our house, John loves orange Fanta. He offers one to anyone he likes who comes over–friends, relatives, repair-people. He remembers if they like it and he offers it to them again the next time. I think he’s a little hurt if they don’t accept the initial offer, although he may be relieved, also–more Fanta for him. I just can’t get onto the orange soda band wagon, but I’m glad he has a treat that makes him happy. It makes me happy, too, because every time he has one I remember how my little brother used to get upset about having orange soda and would say, “It burns my mouth! It burns my tongue!” Funny, such a tender little boy and now he is 50 years old, a policeman. Where does the time go?

  3. Thanks for the memories……Orange Crush Pop was my thing when I was little…….my Daddy always bought it for me…
    Gosh I would love one in a glass bottle right now.

  4. Oh my didn’t know it came in diet I may have to be getting it next trip to the store I loved orange pop when I was a kid

  5. Thanks for the memories. I didn’t like orange, but I loved orange creamcicles. My favorite was Cream soda. In Pennsylvania we called it soda not pop. Now I like A&W and Dr. Pepper.
    I have done quite a bit of cross stitch and yes, I have some UFO’s tucked away in a drawer. And I have a number of UFO quilts. I get to the quilting stage and quit,
    Jo, I love your writing style.

  6. This post brought back memories. My now grown kids napped for 2 hours in the afternoons. I would rush around for one hour cleaning, taking care of laundry, and dinner prep and then collapse on the couch with my treasured can of Sunkist (regular, no caffeine so I could drink it while nursing) and one Ding-Dong. I haven’t had either one for years.

  7. This post brings back memories for myself as well but not about Orange pop but the very word “pop”. When I moved to Texas they laughed at me for calling it lol and I in turn laughed at them referring to any soda as “coke”. The boy next door asked me if I wanted a coke, I said sure he then asked what kind lol. Times changed and now it’s a soda. I can always tell when someone from ” up north” is here when they ask for a pop. Thanks for the memory Jo. BTW I came across a stamped cross stitch quilt top I started in 2003! Talk about a UFO! Time to get to work on that now that I make actual quilts lol.
    Former Iowa girl ☺

  8. Virginia Grenier

    Why DIET Sunkist? Why not REGULAR Sunkist? Due to diabetes? Trying to lose weight? If trying to lose weight they say that diet actually INCREASES your appetite. With that in mind, other than diabetics, why would anyone opt to drink the diet version of any drink? Don’t take me wrong. I’m not being judgemental I’m just curious.

  9. I’ve never been a fan of pop, don’t like fizzy drinks or even fizzy water. As a child we didn’t have it at home as a regular thing. (I’m British) occasionally a drink called Dandelion and Burdock, wondering if that’s still around? In our country we are concerned that children are having far too much sugar, cans of cola etc being the major culprits and I’m wondering how much sugar ( or sweetener) is in a bottle of Orange Sunkist?

  10. My 87 year old mother in law says the orange pop floats are more popular than the root beer floats at her independent living parties.

  11. Donna Pheneger

    I like Orange Sunkist also but LOVE it with vanilla ice cream! Nice to know there are a lot of us out there!
    Love and prayers

  12. Does anyone remember Shasta pop? It came in orange, grape, cream soda and lots of other flavors! Soda pop was a rare treat growing up but Shasta was a favorite. Rarely do I drink pop now but have graduated to brewed unsweetened ice tea!

  13. Marianne Barta

    Oh my goodness — haven’t had orange soda much. It was treat a child. I will have to try it again. Thank You for sharing. Hope all is well with you. Hugs and prayers

  14. I was an avid tea drinker for a long while until I had bronchitis in February. Since then, I’ve had mostly water, except when eating out, etc. Now I’m craving something with flavor again. Perhaps orange will be it.

    Dreamcicles, yum!

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  15. Donna Williams

    I’ve lived in the South all my life, several states, gypsy feet. We had no earthly idea what a soda or a pop or a soda pop was. Everything was and is a Coke. Anything carbonated (except for Ginger Ale or Root Beer.)
    There was a soda fountain in most of the towns when I was younger, but we never associated the two words. My favorite was the Coke in the small bottle, it stayed cool long enough to drink it. I think it’s been a long while since I had a coke or anything like it. The orange with the ice cream sounds interesting. I might try that.

  16. A few years I wanted to go to caffeine free pop, now drink orange crush. I especially like it especially with anything chocolate.

    In the 80s and 90s after the birth of my 3 daughters, I made each of them framed birth announcements. I also did a few towels and things. I would take them to work and work on them on breaks with co-workers. It was so fun seeing all of the different designs they made, and the progress we would make.

    For the last few years I have subscribed to “Country Living “magazine. I noticed in each issue they have a simple cross stitch pattern. You can go online and print them off. I finished a Christmas one 2 yrs ago and have several others i plan to do. Only now i use a magnifying glass that goes around my neck that I can look down on my work, making it easier since my eyes aren’t what they used to be!

    Happy stitching!

  17. Virginia. 1950. Nehi was too fizzy; Tru-Ade was not carbonated. Came in orange or grape; orange was the best!

  18. Residing in San Antonio. Can not locate DIET SUNKIST anywhere. Believe me SUNKIST ZERO is FLAT!! The orange flavor lacks good orange flavor.

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