Operation Skinny Pete

Oh what a day Tuesday was.  Gannon had surgery that ended up more complicated than they anticipated.

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Kalissa will write an update.  Just know Gannon is okay but had a couple bumps in the road.

Those “bumps” meant on overnight stay at the hospital in Iowa City. Craig was there and we needed to get Craig back home.  He had a couple commitments that he had to tend to that we all decided were important enough for us to work to get him home.

The plan was for Buck to drive from Cedar Rapids to Iowa City and get Craig.  He’d drive to Independence and meet me and I’d make the last leg of the journey home.  That was all good except I had Georgia and Carver.  So…I was to meet Jason, Kelli’s husband, in West Union and he’d take the kids.  Carver would stay overnight with Kelli and Jason.  Kelli was working but Jason would wrangle the kids until I got home.

I couldn’t leave until 5pm when childcare was over and Karl was back to my house with my pickup.  He had taken my pickup as he got a hog from his work and it was processed at the locker and ready to pick up so he took my truck to work with the idea that he would stop there and pick the pig up on his was home from work.

(So many things in our family turn into “whole things”…this was another one)

So shortly before 5pm I got a message from Karl, “Leaving locker now Wilbur is on board“.  I had to read it twice before I realized “Wilbur” meant the processed meat.

Then the chat group our kids and I have on Messenger lit up…

Buck:  “Leaving Lisbon ETA 30 min”  translation:  Buck lives in Lisbon and he was leaving.  He’d arrive at the hospital in 30 minutes.

Karl:  “Alpha Bear has left”.  Apparently I’m Alpha Bear and I had left with Georgia and Carver.
Karl:  “Loco 23 is on station as backup”.  Karl was available as a back up if anything happened.  Karl is Loco 23.

Kelli:  “Ding dong will be leaving at 1930. Ding dongs substitute shall be in west union at 1730…hopefully.”  Kelli is apparently Ding Dong.  She’ll leave work at 7:30pm but her substitute, Jason, will be in West Union to meet me at 5:30pm.

Me:  (In slightly more normal language)  “Pit stop at the farm store so this guy could get a yogurt. Waiting for Jason now”.

Buck:  “I got Skinny Pete”.  This means…
Buck has Craig and is heading north to meet me
He’s calling Craig Skinny Pete.

Me:  “Met J. Transport complete. On next leg of journey code name operation Skinny Pete.”  I was into it now.  I met Jason.  I gave him the kids.  I was headed to Independence to meet them.

Karl:  “Copy, Ursa Major.”  My name apparently changed to Ursa Major.

Me:  “Ready to rendezvous with Buck Lightyear.”  I was at the restaurant waiting for Buck.

Kalissa:  “Did skinny Pete make it to W town?”  Did Craig make it to Waucoma.

Kalissa:  “Looks like Mexican food!”  Kalissa was right we stopped for Mexican in Independence.


Me:  “The eagle has landed. Skinny Pete is safety at the nest and Ursa Major is ready for a major snooze…but first there is Princess Rosie to deal with.”  I was home.  Craig was at his house.  I was tired and ready for bed but first I had to deal with Rosie who was very excited to see me.

Kelli: “I’m happy to report that Ding Dongs replacement has done well at keeping the little yard apes alive. Thank goodness for Disney Plus and Frozen!”  Jason did a great job with the kids until Kelli got home.  They watched Frozen on Disney Plus.

Kalissa:  “Thank you to my village people: to everyone who pitched in today. G1 is lights out and the Pink Shoelaces is down for the count.”  Kalissa thanking us.  Gannon was sleeping and Kalissa was ready to sleep too.

Me:  “XO…all of you have a good sleep. You make me proud.”  No explanation needed.

I love my kiddos.  We really are a village.  It’s a village I’m really proud to be a part of.  I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of kids.  I’m so glad Operation Skinny Pete went on without a hitch…now if you can just get a pass from the doctors to get Pink Shoelaces and G1 home.

20 thoughts on “Operation Skinny Pete”

  1. I love it! You all are the best! You had me laughing–what a crazy bunch you are. Just hoping & praying Mr. G1 is doing OK and that the surgery will help him more than you ever hoped for.

  2. You need a rubber ducky in your convoy… sounds like the old CB song by C.W. McCall. Glad skinny Pete and Pink shoelaces have all of your support!
    I was reading this between conference and giggling. Thanks for the comic relief Kramer Clan. This is “kittycat” 10-7 ( singing out)

  3. I’m exhausted just reading the commentary. Whew! You all are amazing. When things need to happen you make it happen. Awesome! So sorry to hear that Gannon had some troubles, but I hope that all works out in the end. Hugs to all!

  4. Oh my! Thanks for the running commentary! I was already laughing at Wilbur in the truck. Family… you just gotta love ’em!

  5. Our family has had those kinds of gyrations to get people where they need to go, but never with colorful commentary and code names. I love it!

    Husband Bob can’t drive because he has a cast on his right foot. Son David in Dubuque can’t drive because he’s a right leg amputee and hasn’t gotten to that stage yet. Daughter was in West Union with one driving daughter, we are in Des Moines. So we would go through those kinds of things to get grandchildren to doctors, David to Iowa City, etc etc. It truly does take a village and I’m thankful we have one.

    Your village is awesome :-)

  6. Sounds like your family can take anything and make it a game! What a great evening of working it out. So funny!
    Love and prayers

  7. That was the funniest, most convoluted conversation ever!! Jo, you should be “Mama Bear”. By the way, it’s not a pit stop, it’s a 10-100!!!! 3’s and 8’s to all of you. (That’s hug and kisses!). Can’t remember what the sign off code was so I’ll just say “This is Blue Eyes on the side!”

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  9. You guys did a great job of making a hectic situation fun! I hope it was as enjoyable for all of you as it was for us to read! I LOVE your Village. Hugs, Janine

    P.S. Fun for everyone except Wilbur

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