I was supposed to put this in tonight’s post but the time got away from me…actually, my kids stayed around and chatted this evening.

Kalissa got her re-order of her Blessed are the Piecemakers shirts in.  There is a limited supply of v-necks so get them while you can.

You all literally bought the shirt right off my back.  I told Kalissa to save me but my size sold out and she ended up selling the one she had set aside for me.  That’s okay…I’m opting for a vneck this time…and I’m picking it up tomorrow morning to try to beat the rush!

The regular shirts were restocked too.  I know many of you said you went to order but your size was out..act now and you can get yours.

HERE is the link to her shop.

7 thoughts on “oops.”

  1. I received my shirt the other day and have it on as I’m reading this. It feels so soft and I love the fit. Thanks.

  2. Blessed are the piecemaker’s children, for they shall inherit the quilts. Saw this on a cross stitch pattern years ago and al

  3. Susan from Michigan

    Was there ever a winner of the t-shirt drawing where we commented which one we liked the best?

    1. We delayed it as the shirts weren’t in stock. We’ll be announcing it soon. Kalissa is in charge of that and she is working the next two nights. When she works 12 hours shifts and drives over and hour both ways to work, there is time for little else. I’m guessing Wednesday will be the day to announce that.

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