Oops..I did it again.

I know..I have a problem.

I cut out another quilt.  I explained last week that all the childcare kiddos I have right now all sleep at the same time.  It gives me 45-60 minutes a day with nothing to do….so what do I do?  I cut out quilts….likely too many quilts.


Right now it seems like a lot but soon, that time will no longer be available.  One of my families had a little baby at the end of January and are on maternity leave right now.  Once they start coming to care regularly my afternoon me time will be gone and replaced with little baby time which is just wonderful…I like both prospects.  In the meantime though, I think I am going to keep cutting out quilts.  I plan to make all of the ones I am cutting out…they are all on my bucket list so what difference is it whether I cut them out now or at some later date.Some time ago Kelli made Blue Skies, the quilt pictured.  She accidentally cut her triangle pieces smaller so ended up making many more blocks.

Blue Skies 2 (210x400)

I loved her quilt then and knew I was destine to make it…only I’d make mine the size of the original pattern.

Kelli gave me all the string pieces that she had left over.


So my string papers are cut…the strings are cut and all the triangles are cut.  I’d say I’m soon ready to sew…I don’t anticipate sewing soon though.  I have other projects going in the sewing room.

For nap time, I have plans to cut out another quilt…crazy I know but I have time now.  I might as well use it.  I hate to waste it on something as crazy as intense house cleaning….

Cutting out quilts sounds like MUCH better fun…hmm…I am off to see what I’m going to cut out next.

P.S. Blue Skies is in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.

8 thoughts on “Oops..I did it again.”

  1. Good for you! You’ll have a bunch of things prepped so that you can just sit and sew when you have a few minutes.

  2. Cut out a quilt in 45-60 minutes. Wow. That’s fast right? Your time management skills should be bottled and sold!

  3. Anne Deedrick

    What a great problem to have. Then when you have a few minutes to sew your all ready. You are so good at snagging free time where you can find it – Good job! Something I need to work at.

  4. Wow, you have so much energy, I wish I had at least half of it! But you are right, cutting is better than housework:) Looking forward to see your progress….

  5. Elizabeth McDonald

    I love that you are cutting out another quilt! Of course, you WILL get around to sewing it – because you are already halfway there. I hate wasted time, and you have essentially
    made a kit so that you can easily put the quilt together when the time is right. Smart

  6. I like that sort of efficient approach with snippets of time. Besides, who ever made their last words, “If only I’d done more housework!”?

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