Oops! A Flaw.

Last weekend I was happily quilting along on the neutral quilt I need to have done and sent out for publication.


It was easy quilting as it was only straight line quilting….I like to use that for simple designs.

When machine quilting on the longarm it seems no matter how careful I am with picking thread when I iron the top, I end still needing to pick threads when I machine quilt.  UGH!  There was another string I missed.


I went to pull it and realized.  Um…that’s not a thread.  That is a flaw in the fabric.


OH NO!!!!!!!!!  What was I to do?

I grumbled.  I thought and thought then decided to do what Scarlett O’Hara would have done….I’ll think about it tomorrow.  I clipped a safety pin in place and so I could find the spot again and kept on quilting.


While I quilted I came up with a plan and the next morning, I worked the plan.  Here’s what I did….I found my pack of embroidery needles.  They have a HUGE eye.  I stuck the needle into the quilt near the flaw with only about half of the needle sticking out.  I worked and worked and finally got the thread through the eye.  I pulled the threads down into the fabric.


From there, I took a regular needle and thread and darned the spot.  This was the end result.  It’s not good….it’s not fabulous.  It’s functional and will likely work just fine.


Let’s just all hope that the people photographing the quilt done focus on this area.  UGH.

Anyway…this is what it looks like from a bit of a distance.


Realistically, you can’t really see it.  Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Sometimes all we can do is the best we can do and this is one of those cases.  So when the magazine comes out and is on the newsstand you know the back story on it all…

It started out as a design made for Hubby’s niece Amber.
I made one and we gave it her.
Kelli made one and she gave one to her sister-in-law as a wedding present.
We ran out of fabric but then found fat quarter bundles at Quilted Twins.
I made another for the publication.
I fixed the flaw before it was sent out.
It will be featured in the April/May issue of Quick Quilts.

6 thoughts on “Oops! A Flaw.”

  1. Loved your fix! Good thing it was on a light fabric. I’ve found flaws on darker fabrics and it seems to show more on them, especially if there is a printed design.

  2. Have you ever used the self threading needles. They are very handy for times like this to get a flawed thread to the back. I use them for burying my start and stop threads when quilting.

  3. I love that straight line quilting and want to do that on a top I have finished. I will be renting time on a longarm at my LQS. I have heard the way to do this is setting a lock on the machine and it “follows” that to make it straight. Is this what you did, and how time consuming is that? I’m thinking you have to go around to the back of the machine every row to set to the next line of stitching??? It seems like this would be very time consuming. (The LQS also has APQS machines.)

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