Ooops…We’re Sorry!

You might remember a bit ago Kelli and I offered a free pattern here on the blog for Pinwheel Parade.

Well…we had a little error in the directions and want to save you some worry so are letting you know the change and what happened.  The pattern actually needs THREE charm packs-not two.

Here’s the whole back story….
Kelli actually made this quilt top some time ago before she cared about quarter inch seam allowances or bias or any of the “rules” of quilting.  The quilt top sat and then then I asked her if she would bring some quilt tops home and I would gradually work on them.  After the quilt was done, we both loved it and thought it would make a great tutorial to share with you….the problem, Kelli made it with a turn over.

Turnovers are a precut that isn’t readily available anymore…plus, the pinwheels end up being on the bias so we decided to write the pattern so it was made with charm squares.  Well in doing that we miscalculated and wrote that two charm packs were needed.  We were wrong.  THREE charm packs are needed to make the quilt top.

We apologize and hope you’ll all understand…Here is a link to the instructions the Pinwheel Parade Quilt.  Corrections were also made on the original entry.

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