Ooops..a New Seam Ripper

In my quest to work on the quilts for West, Texas I ran into a little problem.

You can’t see in the photo very well but I had a little bobbin problem that I didn’t notice until the quilt was off the quilting frame.  I started in on ripping out but my seam ripper broke.  Our daughter Kalissa  was going to town so reluctantly I told her to pick two up so I would have one upstairs and one downstairs.  The only request I had was that the ripper have a fine end on it.  Some rippers are pretty chunky and hard to get under the stitches.

She came home with these…I LOVE them.  The label on the outside of the package said that they can erase stitches.  If you have ripped anything out and then sewn it back together you know that often times little slivery threads are left over in the seam.  Well this seam ripper has an “eraser” (rubber) end.  If you run if over the threads, it pulls them out of the newly sewn seam.  It really does work!

If you are interested, here is an Amazon link for one. Quilting: Seam Fix Seam Ripper  If I am going to have to rip something out, I sure am glad I at least have a seam ripper I like.

6 thoughts on “Ooops..a New Seam Ripper”

  1. I’ve had one of these for a little while, and it’s great. The tip is thin, and that rubber thing is cool! I just wish you could put the cap on the back while you rip, instead of having to lay it elsewhere. Lucky you with the purple!! Mine is turquoise.

  2. Jo Anne Schnebly

    A small sized crochet hook works great too at picking out quilting stitches. By using the rounded hook end there’s not the chance of “cutting” the fabric like when using the sharp seam ripper point. Yes, it’s a super pain to unquilt. I had to do that too over the weekend, grrrr.

  3. I got mine from Kelly over at and I just LOVE it. The point is pointy enough to get under the thread and the cutter is SHARP! No more pulling the thread, this baby CUTS it (go figure!). The only thing you’ve gotta watch out for is that eraser…if you run it over a bias edge, you’ll probably stretch it a bit, even if it’s been starched.

    The rubber end also helps keep it from rolling off the table…it might still roll, but generally just in a circle!

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