One year ago today….

One year ago yesterday it became official.  We bought a house.

Look at what I said then… “Let’s just hope that a year from now, we’ll be ready to move in.  Our current goal to be moved in by is Christmas 2014…but a girl can wish for an earlier date..RIGHT??”


Here’s what it looked like back then.


It’s good for me to see that as we have made some progress…SLOW but some.

We bought the lot next door.  We moved the garage.


The front porch is off and started new.  The back 1/3 of the house is off.  We’re waiting (no so patiently) for cement.  The electric in the old part is all updated.

Back then I said, “By the way, the house next door is available.  Anyone want to come be my neighbor??  Actually there are several houses for sale in Waucoma.  You can see them listed with our realtor here.”   That house is still available.

Now that a dose of reality has hit me…I know we likely won’t make the Christmas 2014 date to be in the house but honestly…I’m not spending all winter at this one even if I have to cook on a hot plate…oh I hope that statement doesn’t bit me in butt later on.

I’m still glad we bought the house and still anticipate the day when it looks a little more like this…


Keep your fingers crossed that the cement guy can come in the next week or so…..and hopefully a year from now I’ll be able to show you that it indeed looks much more like this.

2 thoughts on “One year ago today….”

  1. Unfortunately when building or renovating a house we all are too dependent on others to work & complete in a timely manner but …………..
    I am so impressed with all that has been done at your new home, tho, especially the hard work you, hubby & kids have already completed. Your home is going to be gorgeous!! When we had our present home built even tho builder gave a finish date it didn’t happen. Even tho I wanted to set the next date for completion from past experience dealing w/ contracters & subs we didn’t set a date, Then we were pleasantly surprised when house was completed quickly after that all important date. Fingers crossed here for you that you don’t have too wait too long! Penny in SoCAL

  2. Happy Anniversary on buying your house! I certainly hope that you can be in your house by Christmas. We moved into the house we had built for us just 2 days before Christmas!

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