One Step Closer

The lack of grass at our house has been a big hassle for me all spring and summer.  I’ve lamented about it.  Hubby has hated it.  He’s been trying to get to it but it just hasn’t been happening.  It isn’t for a lack of trying.  Hubby worked seven days a week all spring and on those few Sunday afternoons when he could work on it we’ve had rain.  Being he has a farm related job we just can’t complain about rain so we’ve just been trying to be patient.

We all know I am not good with patience.

Saturday afternoon the weather and Hubby’s schedule finally aligned and he seeded the grass.  He didn’t seed all of it as he’s afraid of having no rain and having to water it.  Instead just the front lawn got seeded.  I’m all okay with that.  Some is way better than none.

Now we’ll have to see if it grows.  We have rain on tap for the next week so hopefully no watering.  At this point even if we end up having to water lots, I don’t mind.  I just really want some grass that the kids and roll around and play in.

I guess for now, we’re one step closer.

3 thoughts on “One Step Closer”

  1. Josie McRazie

    How crazy! You can have some of our rain! I’m only about 2 hours south of you and we just cant seem to catch a break! Non stop rain! Ill send it your way! ;0)

  2. When my son was a baby and a toddler, I was full of patience. 20 yrs later – not so much. Renovating our master bathroom might just drive me insane!

  3. Mary Etherington

    we seeded ours last August and it’s still pretty patchy and I’m not any more patient than you, Jo!

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