One Pot Beef Stroganoff Soup

Our daughter Kelli works an overnight weekend package for her job as a nurse at a local hospital.  Every Friday she tries to make a meal or two that her husband, Jason, can quickly warm up and feed the kiddos.

This week she tried something new, One Pot Beef Stroganoff Soup.  You can find the original recipe HERE.  Kelli has been being super good and using the last of the meat from the previous time they butchered.  This recipe was the perfect chance for her to use some.

After she made it she realized it was “soup”…not just regular stroganoff so she ended up thickening it with a little more sour cream and a bit of corn starch and water.

Here it is all ready to eat…

If you ask her twin boys Eli and Emmett how it was, they would say…GREAT!!

Here is Eli…

Here is Emmett…so cute!

Kelli was also busy using up some apples that were looking a little ragged and made my apple crisp recipe.  You can find it HERE.

She was so thankful for some extra help with the childcare kiddos so she split the dessert into two pans.  She gave one to her mother-in-law and one to family friends who had been so helpful.

Before I let you go, I thought I’d share this cute little video of Emmett, our daughter Kelli’s little guy.  You need to watch to the end to get your chuckle of the day!  (Push the triangle button to get the video to play)

Wasn’t that cute??

That’s what I have for you today!!  Many thanks to Kelli for sharing some pictures, video, and recipes.

12 thoughts on “One Pot Beef Stroganoff Soup”

  1. I can see the boys are using those great spoons like our little great grands have. Longer handle and larger bowl so they manage better.

  2. The soup sounds and looks good! I will probably try it although hubby doesn’t think pasta belongs in soup – go figure. The boys are so cute! The video was adorable! You have such a beautiful family – every grandchild is the cutest, including number 10!!

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