One More Sleep

I’m so excited…One more sleep and I’m off to my cross-stitch retreat. To some of you, this is likely not a big thing…to me, it’s GREAT!!! I rarely leave the area I live in. Not that going to a retreat an hour away is leaving the area…but I rarely sleep in a bed that is not my own. I’m doing it…and I’m going it for several sleeps.

Before I get too far, I want to take a second and thank the blog reader who called the Stitchery Nook and had them send me a gift card. I am using that this weekend and honestly, it’s the best present ever. I needed a little time away and this is PERFECT!! The gift card has me thinking of purchases I’d love to make!!

I spent the day running around deciding what to take. I wanted my lamp but I am going to stitch here at home yet tonight so didn’t want to pack that yet.

I have my suitcase. I love that cross-stitch retreats require ZERO dress-up clothes. T-shirts and shorts for me. I’m packing light. Well, I’m packing light on the clothes side of things…I’m packing more heavily on the stitching side of things. I care MUCH more that I have what I want to stitch than what I want to wear.

Over the last few days, I’ve gone through a few things trying to decide what I want to stitch on. I took all of the projects I’m currently stitching on. I’d love to make some progress on them. Also, I love to have a few different projects. If someone else is stitching on a Blackbird Design project, it’s nice to be stitching one as well.

I know my daughters Kelli and Kayla who are both going will be bringing their Consider the Lilies project so I threw mine in. Here is where I last was on it…

This is the project I invited all of you to stitch along with me. If you missed that post, you can find it HERE. I’d love for you all to join me. The official start date isn’t until August 1st but she’s a big girl. Feel free to start any time. My goal is to do some border work on this…and possibly a motif or two. I’m a gal that loves doing the border first and getting it to match up. We’ll see how far I get. I really don’t plan on working on it the whole time but some stitches might be nice.

I did go through a few of my charts and tried to pick out a few projects I would like to stitch in the near future. I’m trying to not spend too much on charts and fabric when I’m there. I thought if I could go through a few of my charts, and check which threads I have and which I need, I might be reminded of what I have that I already love. HA!! It’s a plan to keep my spending in check. We’ll see if works.

The two projects I picked are Blackbird Design projects.

The first project is called Our Lasting Friendship. My idea is to change it up and make it a family piece rather than a friendship piece. I have an idea of how I want to do it. I’ll explain it all once I start stitching in…in a year or so at the rate I’m going…HA! In the meantime, I’m collecting the threads I don’t have. I already have the linen.

The next one uses the same linen. I have a big piece that will accommodate them both. Yahoo!! This one is in the When the Leaves Fall book. I liked this the moment I saw it. Olivia at Pumpkin Hollow Quilting just started this and it made me remember that I wanted to stitch this. On 40-count linen, it is only 7″ x 7″ish. That’s totally doable this fall. I’d like to figure out a way to personalize it. Hmm. Any ideas?

I think all together I need about 8 skeins of floss to stitch these two. I had the rest of the floss. That’s pretty good. Totally doable!!

I did give myself permission to buy this chart if they have it…

The saying on this is wonderful. It says:
For Genuine Happiness, we need not roam
tis doubtless found with little and at home.

That’s perfect for this homebody girl that I am!! I have thoughts that I might make this a new year-new start. We’ll see. In the meantime, I would love to get the pattern.

When I was looking for that pattern, I notice that With Thy Needle and Thread have re-released Coming to America-Women of the Mayflower. So many people have wanted that pattern. I’m just posting this here because so many of you have been interested.

Included in the original pattern of that was also this chart which is being released to the general public.

I also gave myself permission to buy this Blackbird Design book I don’t have.

Blackbird Designs book go out of print and I don’t have this one in my collection yet. Someday…Maybe now, maybe later.

I do know that I’m going to pick up the threads I need for the new projects and try not to leave with much else…maybe a chart. Who knows?! I’ll update you next week. Any guesses on if I can stay on a budget and not go crazy buying??

I do plan to roam around the store and see if anything strikes me for upcoming stitch-alongs. I already have one thing in mind…If you have something in mind, please leave a comment. I’d love to get some input. Typically you all like something small…but I’m open to any ideas.

With that, I’m off…One more sleep. That’s what I used to tell my kids when they were little and wanting to know when the exciting thing was going to happen. I leave tomorrow so one more sleep!!! One more sleep Jo, one more sleep…which reminds me. I need to take an extra pillow!!

I’m off!! So much to do…If you send an email and didn’t get to it…I’ll get to it when I’m back.

27 thoughts on “One More Sleep”

  1. From what I understand Jo, not much stitching gets done at a retreat. Enjoy your time with your daughters and fellow stitchers! Sounds like fun!

  2. I went to my first retreat a few weeks back and had a wonderful time. It was just an over night trip so I looked at the schedule and decided how many stitch periods there were going to be and took a project for each period. I stitched on 3 out of 4 that I brought. I took a fill in project, a new start with a few stitches in to make it easy to pick up, and a couple I had been wanting to put some time in on. The featured designer provided a chart that was kitted for us but I didn’t start on it. Time goes so fast and there is lots to see and talk about. Have a good time.

  3. Enjoy your stitching retreat . Stitchery Nook has a wonderful place . I’ve been there for a quilt retreat .Have fun, relax , rejun . Eat , talk . Osage is fun little town .

  4. Ginny Andersen

    “One more sleep” makes me think of my kids and gr’kids. It was the phrase we used when they had to wait on something. Must be a common thing with moms and grandmas. I hope you have a great time and can kick back and relax a little.
    BTW – I would really like to know the name of the quilt that Eli and Emmett are laying on in the headliner of your Blog.

  5. You sound so excited that it made me excited for you! Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing all about it next week. I really like the Harvest Blessings that your pictured above. So maybe….

  6. Enjoy your stitchery retreat Jo. It is wonderful that 2 of your daughters are able to join you. Safe travels.

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Getting ready to go somewhere is exciting and a bit stressful too. Have fun and enjoy your time out with others. So glad you and two of your girls get to go together. I’ll miss your posts while you’re gone. Don’t feel guilty, everyone needs a vacation now and then.

  8. Today Jo! Today! It is here! I’ve been looking forward to this for a year! We had such a great time last year. A great little group of women who enjoy stitching and sharing!!

    And way to go – now I want to stitch a couple of the projects you shared here. Enabler!!

    See ya in a couple of hours! Wiggle Wiggle!!!

  9. I got my fabric, floss and pattern all together yesterday for Consider the Lilles. I may just start it this weekend. Hope you enjoy your retreat!

  10. Sally A Marshall

    Have a great time and just enjoy yourself. I haven’t been to a cross stitch retreat but a few quilting ones. Always fun to see the machine people come with and the projects. I did email you and needed your address I have a box ready to send off to you. Enjoy!

  11. I love At Home. I really want to do that one and I am very interested in Coming to America. Have a great time on your retreat. So fun and to have 2 of your daughters with you…perfect.

  12. Susan from Michigan

    Regarding When the Leaves Fall, you could maybe put your initials and Kramer’s initials near the house in honor of your current home that you remodeled. That was a token of love. I also like Harvest Blessings.

  13. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see all that you get done! Most importantly…have fun with your girls! I’m going to Christmas in July retreat end of the month at my SIL. Can’t wait!!

  14. Oh, have a great time at retreat! Seems like heaven on earth! I’m kitting up WTNT Where Hearts Rest. It’s a sweet verse too and may be a good spring SAL.

  15. Have a GREAT time, Jo! I looked at this retreat but it was just too far for me. You have some great pieces picked out. I always take too many projects because I do so little stitching at retreats. Good luck with your spending goal, too. I spent a few cents under $50 at Stitch Con this year. I was so proud of…and amazed at…myself!!

  16. P.S. Just an FYI…I just tried to open the Leaders and Enders post, but it was just the HTML code. I am using a desktop computer with Microsoft Windows.

  17. Hi Joe, have a great time at the retreat. I’m curious as to what happens with your own dogs, does Karl take care of them? I suppose any dog you’re fostering goes to another foster family?
    Enjoy the break with your daughters
    Best wishes, Catherine

    1. We try really hard to work and predict so I don’t have foster dogs here but if I did, another foster would take them. My dogs were taken care of by Karl, Kalissa and a good family friend. It’s all good…I so appreciate the help with them.

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