One Little Fuse

I will always and forever be amazed by the power of one little fuse.

Last week when went to use my new Milly APQS machine, I ran into a little problem.  The quilt was loaded.  I was ready to tighten everything up and…the automatic fabric advance wouldn’t work.  For those of you who don’t know about automatic fabric advance let me explain.  There is a foot feed on the machine.  I can push it, just like a sewing machine petal and the quilt will advance or reverse.  It’s a feature I gladly paid extra for.  The only problem, if it doesn’t work, I can’t quilt.

After looking and investigating, I could see the problem.  Then I called the company.  I’ll admit, I was frustrated.  The reason I had bought the machine was so that I wouldn’t have trouble.  Then I took a deep breath and calmed down.

Then I called the company. They were short staffed so I left a message.  Then I called Lucy, the dealer I bought it from.  Lucy didn’t know what could be wrong.  The company called back a short bit later and said I needed a fuse.    I went to town to find a fuse but the fuse was supposed to be a “slow burn” fuse.  I went to all the places, and no slow burn fuse.  I ended up getting a regular fuse and it worked.

In the meantime, APQS called back to check on me.  I explained the fuse situation.  She said it would work but that in the future I should have the “slow burn”.  I ended up ordering them from the company and now, I have a little stock pile. Lucy called to check up on me too.

I love good service and I can say so far, I am totally impressed with APQS. I am also impressed with the power of one little fuse.

4 thoughts on “One Little Fuse”

  1. Wow, scary to pay all that money and then not be able to use your machine! Did they explain the difference between a “slow-burn” fuse and the one you got? Sometimes I wonder why companies choose to modify and tweak some things with their machines just so we have to buy those things from them…like bobbins for sewing machines!! Why can’t they all be made to use the same bobbin? I have bobbins for Bernina, Janome, Elna and Singer…every last one of them is different and if I get the wrong bobbin in the wrong machine…YUCK!!! I’m so glad you were able to solve your problem and get back in business!!!

  2. HUMMMM that machine is less that 2 month old? you would think they would have sent them to you for free. What’s customer service coming to? I’m glad you were able to figure it out.
    BTW a coulpe months ago I was reading your post, and at the bottom there was a “you might also like” there was a post on your Grand quilter breaking threads and what you did to fix it. I too have a GQ and was having the SAME problem. I did what you did and it has helped immensly! Thanks for posting that!

  3. Just curious Jo, did you have fuse problems with your old quilter? I have a Pfaff Grand Quilter and it is constantly blowing fuses! So frustrating!

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