On the Quilting Frame

I put my June UFO quilt on the quilting frame.  I was SO happy to finally have it there and working on it.  This has been a long term UFO.

Everything was going great until I got to the end of the quilt.

Can you see what happened??  I have more quilt top than I have backing.  UGH!


I don’t know how that happened!?!  The quilt top and backing had been hanging together in the closet for about a year.  I must have either loaded it the wrong way or simply just made the backing slightly too small.

No bad words were spoken just a big UGH!  Then I started trying to figure out how to fix it.

Luckily there was about 2″ extra on backing along one side.  I unrolled the quilt and cut that off.  Then I put the base on the quilting machine.  I rolled the quilt top and the backing back.  I laid the extra piece under the backing and sewed the two pieces together.  Then I pinned the backing in place and went back to work.


I had no idea if it would work and luckily it did.  Everything turned out just fine.

I watch the Dog Whisperer and Cesaer always says making  mistakes gives us and opportunity to teach or learn….this was a learning experience.  Now I feel confident that I can easily handle this if it happens again.

12 thoughts on “On the Quilting Frame”

  1. Close to the wind! And well played with the solution. I love that quilt. I’ve seen it on your blog previously and then made my own as I had the book it’s from. It’s one of my favourite quilts. Have you made the companion quilt from the other halves? I made mine up differently to the pattern – put the 4 large triangles to the corners and got a windmill of all the small triangles in the centre and it looks quite different. Many thanks for your inspiration.
    Regards from damp, grey Shropshire, England

  2. Beautiful quilt and great solution Jo. I too have made that quilt in green, cream and browns for my hubby. A great pattern. Love your’s in all the colors. You have a great eye for creating scrappy colored quilts.

  3. Deborah DeBerry

    What book did that pattern come from? The quilt looks familiar from previous posts. Are there partial seams involved? I hope when I grow up, I can come up with innovative solutions too. Just gorgeous!!!

  4. Wow Jo, you were way smarter than I was. The same thing happened to me last week and I took the quilt completely off the frame to add it back. And then I found out it has happened to most quilters. Can’t wait to see the whole quilt. It looks fabulous.

  5. Jo Anne Schnebly

    Yep, short backing happens to all of us longarmers at least once!!! Since that time I lay all layers out on my dining room floor (call it my design floor since I don’t have a design wall) then put a pin in the edge that is to be pinned to the top leader. I said more than UGH when it happened to me – vbg.

  6. love that quilt pattern, and really love the border fabric you’ve chosen for it. will have to search and see if i can find the pattern in my books. i’ve got a lot of them, so it’s probably lurking somewhere.

  7. What a great save! I hope to remember that when it happens to me! I noticed you use pins to attach everything to the frame. I found Renae Haddin (sp) “red snappers” a great time saver in loading the quilts on and off the frame. There was a little bit of a learning curve for me but so much faster getting the quilts and backing on and off.

  8. What a beautiful quilt and I don’t really understand how you were able to add to the backing while it was on the frame. I would have figured you would have to take it off, glad you had enough of the backing fabric to add on.

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