On the Quilting Frame: Lazy Sunday

I am so excited to have this quilt on the quilting frame.  It’s the Quiltmaker/Bonnie Hunter Mystery Lazy Sunday.


I didn’t do mine in brights.  I opted for using similar colors only leaning towards Civil War Reproduction prints.  As I am quilting along, had I known what the quilt was going to look like, for my color scheme, I would have made the outside border red…but that is all part of a mystery-one never knows.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like it…just would have selected differently.  I have tan thread going on the top.


I am just working some baptist fans on this.  I honestly love them.

I am about to the half way point.  My goal is to have it ready for a Friday Finish.  Wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “On the Quilting Frame: Lazy Sunday”

  1. I know that I could figure it out if I stared long enough….but what were your color substituions for this fabulous quilt. I made one with substituted colors and it really didn’t come out with enough contrast for my eye.

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