On the Quilting Frame: Charity Quilt

I seem to work in streaks.  I’ll piece and piece and piece.  Then I’ll cut out three quilts at once and then I’ll machine quilt six quilts in a row.  I am currently on a machine quilting streak.  That’s a good thing because I have several…make that a WHOLE PILE that need attention.

I have two that I really want to get to done but they are for me and I’ll be keeping them.  Rather than doing mine I am practicing a little self control and put a charity quilt on the frame first.  I told myself I wasn’t going to dig through the pile, I was just going to grab the top one and go with it.  I’ve been know to go through the whole stack admiring them, refolding them, looking for backs and in general goofing off rather than just grab one and go.  Today…I said grab and go and I did.

This is a simple design so I’m trying to liven it up a bit with some fun quilting…..


So far, I’m loving it.

The only problem with getting a bunch of quilts quilted is I create a new problem, a stack of quilts that need to be bound.  That’s okay though.  That’s a job that I don’t mind.

4 thoughts on “On the Quilting Frame: Charity Quilt”

  1. I enjoy doing hand work at night while watching TV with my husband. I am sure with your husband in the fields you try and keep busy. Amazing with all you do that you get time to sew anyway. Childcare is very time consuming. Chris

  2. I just recently had a pile of tops quilted as well. I felt overwhelmed at the thought of binding 8 quilts by hand. I am not a machine binding person. I have finished one each week so far and enjoying it. None of them have deadlines and I think that may have something to do with it. Enjoy

  3. That is a top I donated to you and you are making it look so pretty! It was a very simple pattern and it used up a bunch of scraps. When you were saying last year that you needed some more tops for charity, I sent it with some others. I was completely overwhelmed with the number of unquilted tops I had in my sewing room. Don’t know if i will ever get them all quilted.

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