On the Quilting Frame: A Charity Quilt

As soon as I finished my last charity quilt and took it off the frame I loaded another one.  I figured I had the momentum I should probably just keep going with it.


Again I decided to grab the first one off the top of the pile.  Luckily I had a good backing to go with it so with quick couple seems I was quilting in no time.

Once I had already done a pass I realized that I accidentally used the thread that I had picked out for the back and the backing thread on top.  It was no big deal though.  One is light blue and other was blue gray.  It was no real problem..just a oh shucks moment.  It still looks completely okay.

This one is also a simple design but I really think it will be loved.  I think it would make an awesome lap quilt for a gentleman in a nursing home.

I’m having fun with the charity quilts and am so happy that I can do this small service.  It won’t be long and this one will more to the binding pile too.

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