On the Frame…

I have an awesome quilt on the quilting frame.  I’ve had this one sitting in the stacks for forever.  I kept waiting for some amazing inspiration to come along and speak to me on how to quilt it.  Finally I tool my own advice that I shared here on the blog yesterday and just threw it on the frame and started to go.

So far, I am loving it.  The quilt is so pretty and is going to be well loved no mater where it goes.

The quilt is huge and could easily cover a queen sized bed.  Many of the charity quilts I get are closer to twin sized.
I can’t wait to show it to you all finished.

I did get a question from a blog reader regarding charity quilt tops….  From Marie: Are you still accepting quilt tops and etc.?

The answer is yes.  I am still accepting them.  I’m a little slow with them but I am always working on them and accept them.  My goal is always to spend some time each week on them.  Sometimes it’s just getting them bound.  Sometimes it’s just getting a backing made for them but always..it’s something.

Keep an eye out and watch the blog.  You are going to want to see this one when it’s done.

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