On the Frame: WILD THING!!

My hard work is paying off.  Look what’s on the quilting frame.  YEP.  I am bound and determined to have this done on Wednesday the last day of the Pre-Mystery UFO challenge.

Can you say, “Hello COLOR”!!  I made it so much more busy by adding the polka dot backing…but I still just love it!   COLOR, COLOR EVERYWHERE!!  The pattern is Bonnie Hunter’s Wild Thing and the pattern can be found in her String Fling book.


I’ve only went through five bobbins so far so there’s still a lot of quilt left to do.  Between that and the mystery clue, I’m a happy-happy busy quilter.

The goal is for this to get off the machine and finish up the mystery clue this weekend.  I think I can manage that in between family here and cooking.

Make sure to stop by on Wednesday to see if I get this one finished….I think I can…I think I can….

12 thoughts on “On the Frame: WILD THING!!”

  1. Hi Jo,

    Great job On getting Wild Child on the frame. Just curious, what method will you use to make your HST’s for the first clue of Bonnie’s mystery? Thanks and good luck!

  2. It’s beautiful. Love the pink polka dot border.
    I finished two tops this week that have been sitting way to long because of your pre mystery UFO challenge. One was a BOM that had been sitting and the other was Grand Illusion. Top was done, just needed borders which were also made. I got it done with a few hours to spare before the first clue for the new one started.
    So happy to have them complete and a clean cutting board the start.

  3. Hey Jo, I finally got my turquoise yesterday with a half off coupon! I got 4 yards, because of course, I didn’t think about looking at the pattern to see what I needed! Hope that is enough! Yours looks great, love the borders and the backing and everything about it!

  4. I LOVE the backing and it is perfect !! Just ran to the local quilt shop. Got my backing for Bonnie’s mystery for $6 a yard. Not as fun as your dots, but should work well! Off to sew!!

  5. Dorothy Countryman

    Polka dots are perfect!!! It reminded me of Dr. Seuss, Put Me In The Zoo. So colorful and super FUN!! Love, love, love your blog… Thank you

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