On the Frame: Scrappy Mountain Majesties

Kelli brought a quilt home to be quilted last week.  Can you believe she brought it after she brought her huge stack of unfinished UFOs?  Yep another quilt top finish for Kelli.

Well I had a good backing for this quilt so I popped it on the frame.  The quilt is Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Mountain Majesties (free pattern here).  She made hers in a diagonal setting with Civil War reproduction fabrics….I LOVE it.

It was on the frame for a few days with no progress and finally I squeezed in some time to get working on it.


Kelli made this by altering the pattern just a bit.  Rather than cut the blocks at 8 1/2″, she cut hers at 6 1/2″.  I just love that even though the block is cut into strips, once they are sewn back together the stripes still line up.


I spent a lot of quilting time checking out the fun and interesting designs that came about because of the quilt block design.  Check out the diagonal pattern on the left.

Hubby and I both really like this quilt.  Kelli thinks she is going to gift it.  I keep trying to convince her to get her spare bedroom set up and use the quilt in it.


So far…no luck.  I have a feeling that once she holds it and sees it finished she just might change her mind.

I am not letting this one languish in the binding pile.  This one is going to get bound and completely finished.  It’s too pretty to wait any longer.

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