On the Frame : My SIL’s Quilt

Remember my sister in law that started quilting??  She started in November or so and has just gone crazy.  Tuesday she came to my house to quilt a quilt top that she had made for her son.

I have been encouraging her to do more and more things on her own.  I started out helping her cut but she’s mastered rotary cutting.  I hoped she’d learn to bind quilts herself and she’s mastered that too.  She was already great with pattern and color selection.  The thing I was hoping she would learn to do is machine quilt her own quilts….and she did!!


I felt kind of bad.  Remember a bit ago when I had hubby build some blocks to lift the machine.  Well Steph is really short…really short.  Using the machine at my height was a bit of a challenge.  Someday when I am rich I should get a lift to raise and lower it but I am typically the only one using it.

I think next time we’ll just take it off the blocks he built.  I am sure there will be a next time as she was telling about another quilt top she almost has finished.  I think the ladies that do mission quilts at her church created a monster…or maybe a quilting demon.  It really is good to share the love of quilting with someone in the family.  I welcome her wholeheartedly.

Besides that, she’s a great person I can pass off my quilting things to.  She went home with a box of fabric, some shirts and a stack of old quilting magazines.  Her visit was a win for both of us.  She quilted her quilt and I got rid of a box of stuff.

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  1. So much fun having someone to talk quilting with. I taught my Mom to quilt and my granddaughter. I’m sure it will make you closer and with the busy lives of families today that is a good thing.

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