On the Frame: Charity Quilts

Remember I had my doctor appointment in Lacrosse last week.  I got an email from my blog reader friend Mary Jo that works at the clinic.  She said if I was stopping that I should feel free to drop a quilts off for binding if I had some.  Well that was Thursday and the appointment was Friday…Hmmm.  A chance to save money on postage for charity quilts.  YEP.  I was up for that.

Right after an early supper I hurried upstairs.  (Hubby volunteered for dishes again…gotta love that guy!!)  I got this quilt top and was loaded and going in no time.  This one had a batting spray basted to the top so it was especially quick and easy to grab to start working on.  I love the scrappy colors.  As I was working on this I recognized a couple of the fabric that I know I have in my stash…that always makes it fun.


This one used up a backing fabric that I bought while thrifting…SCORE!

It was about 9:30 when I finished this one…Hmm.  Could I load one more, get up early and get it done too?Well I was going to try..that’s for sure.  Well I loaded it and before I knew it, I was half done….but it was past bedtime.


I went to sleep with the intention that I’d be up early and finish it.

I was up early…I did start working on it.  Then there was a little snafu in schedules and Carver had to come with us to Decorah and meet Kalissa there.  I only had about 10 minutes and I’d be done…but Carver was at my house and as of yet, there’s not a good place to keep him in the quilting room…so.  No finished quilt top.

Then after about a half hour Carver looked sleepy….and…he fell asleep.  He never takes an early nap for me so I took advantage.  I ran upstairs.  I finished quilting it and got the quilt off the frame.  I left the pins and scraps to deal with later.

The binding was already prepped so no hunting for binding for me.  Whew…I made it downstairs and Carver was still sleeping.  He woke up about 10 minutes later…perfect timing little man.  So even Carver played a part in getting these quilts to Mary Jo.

It’s great to have a couple more out to Mary Jo…and a couple fewer here.  Thanks to the ladies that donated these tops…they are both great and I’m sure will be loved.

8 thoughts on “On the Frame: Charity Quilts”

  1. It’s amazing what we can do when we’re motivated. Not to mention the assists by those non-quilting men in your life. Good team effort from family and friends to get those quilts to the finish line.

  2. Whew! Fitting it all in. So nice that so many work toward the goal of a warm quilt hug for someone that needs it!

  3. The quilting design on the second one looks interesting. Have you described it before or could you now? I am always looking for new, all over designs for my quilts. Thanks.

  4. Having been away from the computer lately, I am just now starting to get caught up with all the quilty happenings that have been going on. I too would like to know the name of the design you used on the second quilt.

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