On the Frame: Charity Quilts

Over the weekend I had a little time so I dug out a stack of charity quilts and started on the mission of finding backings.

I found backings for six.  It’s not a terribly hard job if I was a little better at making decisions.  I get a little too picky sometimes….then sometimes I think I’m not picky enough.  I’m sure many of you can relate.


I’ve had several people send backing fabric in the last few months and that has been a treat.  It’s easy to grab a piece and know I’m not going to have to piece many pieces together.

I even had enough time to put one on the frame….This is a nice sized one that I know will be loved.  I found a good green for the backing.


Here it is all finished.Charity-Quilts-3

It’s ready for a binder.

That went so smooth that I loaded another.  This one is a baby quilt.  After doing a big one it’s great to do a small one.  Aren’t the colors in this fun?

I found a piece of Winnie the Pooh fabric for this.  I had to add a little more fabric to the piece I had but I think it will all be good.


Thanks to the ladies who donated the tops.

I’m setting myself in on a slow a steady pace with these and someday, I’ll get them all done.  Thanks everyone for being patient.

9 thoughts on “On the Frame: Charity Quilts”

  1. I think I must be one of the “not picky enough” backers. I try to piece all of my backs in order to get “rid of the stash” (not going to happen no matter how much I try to fool myself)
    I very rarely have a “one piece” backing. My theory is that if you are under the quilt, you “see” that side, and let’s face it, most of us are asleep if we’re “under the quilt”, so what are you going to “see”?. I do try to get some of the colors from the top into the backing, but there is no matchy-match for me. One of the many things in life that I have learned not to stress over. Life is too short.

  2. I’m with Dorothy! I try to piece backs thinking I will reduce stash but it still grows. I think it makes for a fun surprise and you rarely see it. Only for wedding quilts or very special ones do I go for wide backings.

  3. Sometimes I find it really fun to make the back almost as fun as the front of the quilt. I really like to use any leftover blocks on the back. But, then there are other times that you just want to get the quilt done and piece the backing as quickly as possible. Love all the quilts that you share each day. Thanks.

  4. Do you happen to know the name of the quilt that you just quilted for charity? The one that has the purple stars intersecting? Thanks!

  5. Sheila DeRose, the pattern is on Missouri Star Quilt Co., it the Friendship Star sash and the blocks are 10 in. squares. I made one and it’s fun.

  6. I will piece my backs with two fabrics but I will take time to make a second quilt for the back. Not even a big block quilt. I send out my quilts to be quilted and it is not guaranteed how centered the back will be. Piecing the back can mean different things for different people.
    Happy Creating Donna

  7. hi jo, i’m on the side of using up stash. on some of my toddler to a little older kids, i like to use Christmas fabric or cute halloween fabric. gives the kids two quilts. i make lots of charity quilts and will use whatever is necessary on the back. some of the ladies cringe but i do it anyway. patti in florida

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