On the Frame: Charity Quilts

Remember over the weekend I said I was going to see how many charity quilts I could do with batting scraps?

Well here’s my start on my challenge.

This is so cute.  It’s just a baby quilt so it’s not using up lots of batting but it was great for using up a couple large over-sized rectangle pieces.  It took me just a short time to zip this one through the machine.


Honestly I think it took longer to load it that it did to quilt it.

Next I grabbed a fun jelly roll type quilt.
Most of the scrap batting pieces I had were long so I ran the quilt length-wise rather than width-wise.

This one is filled with fun fabrics.  I’m sure a kid will love it.  There’s everything from cowboys to lobsters.


This one is going to make picking a binding really easy.  There are so many colors in the quilt.  Anything and everything should match.

I got both of the quilts done with scraps of batting.  I think I might have enough scraps of batting left for two more quilts depending on the size…..we’ll see.

For now these two are off the “needs to be quilted” pile and are now on the “needs to be bound” pile.  I sure would love the “needs to bound” pile to keep growing.

I’m hoping to get one of them bound and showed off to you tomorrow.  Keep posted.

2 thoughts on “On the Frame: Charity Quilts”

  1. When you show not only your designs, but quilt tops that others have sent you, my list of to-do quilts gets larger. I’ve been thinking about doing a flying geese quilt and the one you pictured just made my list. Thanks for sharing and all that you do for the quilting community.

  2. I agree with Cindy, I love seeing what others are doing and I may try the flying geese one when I finish some others I have started. The quilt I have on my machine now is probably going to charity and I am using scrap batting on it as well. Got to use some of those batting pieces before they take over my space.

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