On the Frame: Charity Quilt

Oh my..typing that title on the blog post did my heart good.  Did you read it?  It said, “On the frame”!!  I’ve been off and away from the quilting machine for SO LONG.  I am guessing the last quilt I did was mid July.  Early August I had foot surgery and finally I am able to stand at the quilt machine long enough to do a quilt.

Well maybe I’m a little premature.  I loaded the (small) quilt top one night.  I filled bobbin and tacked the quilt down.  I quilted it the next night.  For now, that’s about the best my foot can do but hey, that’s progress right??  Thankfully I have two blog readers that have sent lots and lots of small quilt tops from baby sized to lap quilts.  I’ll be working on them for awhile easing myself into a longer stint at the machine.

This one was sent by Michele in Bethesda.

The colors are awesome on this one.  The pattern would be a great quick way to use up scraps.


The white in between the blocks makes it look so crisp, don’t you think?


Here’s a closer up of the quilting….Nothing fancy.


I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back at the machine even if it’s only for limited time.  Hopefully as the days go by the swelling in my foot won’t be such an issue and I’ll be back at the machine at my old pace.

Watch out volunteer binders…I’m hoping to have quilts for you soon…that is after the “H” quilt gets quilted.

5 thoughts on “On the Frame: Charity Quilt”

  1. Glad to see you are taking things slow and easy! You’ll make faster progress that way.

    Lovely quilt and nice job on the quilting too!

  2. Baby steps is the way to go. Overdo and you’d be going backwards. It’s always hard for us to slow down and pace ourselves. Take it from one who didn’t/doesn’t. Baby steps is good. Before you know it you’ll be back in full swing.
    Love the Quilt. My kind of colors, tropical.
    Have a great week.

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    That is a beautiful quilt. Michele did such a nice job. I love the bright fabrics. And the border is PERFECT with those white sashings.

    Good job, Michele! Good job, Jo!

  4. What a happy milestone for you. And tackling those little projects will be a great way to remind yourself not to overdo, while still making progress. Go you!

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