On the Frame: Charity Quilt

Blog readers often send me quilt tops.   I machine quilt the tops and bind them.  Then the finished quilts are sent off to a worthy charity.  This is one of those….

Over the weekend this quilt landed on the quilt frame…I absolutely love the quilt.  Cindy is the creator of this beauty.

It’s so simple.  It’s just a square inside a square.  Easy construction, easy design.


The thing that makes the quilt sing is the fabrics.  So many of them are loud and bold…none of them match at all…yet they look awesome together.  Here’s a better look.I had so much fun working on this one..it’s an original.

It’s going to be easy to pick a binding fabric for this one.  Just like the prints in the quilt, anything will go!

6 thoughts on “On the Frame: Charity Quilt”

  1. I am making a quilt like that and was wondering what quilting design you use on a square in square. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This would be a good quilt for charm packs of fabrics. It is a nice showcase for a whole bunch of different fabrics.

  3. We made something similar when I taught high school girls to sew in Guatemala. The pattern that was given us was called the Happy Block and it is exactly that!

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