On the Frame: Charity Quilt

I have a charity quilt on the frame.

Since Kelli brought all of her finished UFO quilt tops to my house to be quilted I feel a little overwhelmed but she assures me that she is going to use the quilting machine and will tackle a couple of hers over Christmas break.  We’ll see.  In the mean time I am plugging away to try to get some more finished up.

This one was in my closest for a long time.  It got set aside and finally it surface so I quick grabbed it and loaded in on the frame.


I am taking this one slow as I’m having trouble seeing the thread as I quilt.

I have about 3/4 of the quilt finished so I’m going to just keep plugging away.  I did find the matching border fabric so I already have the binding strips cut and sewn.  My goal is the try to bind them as I go or else I’ll be overwhelmed with all the quilts I have to bind!!

4 thoughts on “On the Frame: Charity Quilt”

  1. Jo, refresh my memory… what’s the name of that pattern? I really love it and think it would be perfect for a challenge I decided to participate in.

    1. This is Wandering Ways. It’s a bit of a challenge with curved seams but do-able. I’ve not ever made a whole quilt but have made a few blocks.

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