On the Frame and Batting Questions

I always get questions about what batting I use….I did a LONG post about that (read it all here) and nothing has changed.  I still primarily use Warm and Natural and Hobbs 80/20.  Right now I am finishing up a roll of batting so most everything has been Warm and Natural.

Long ago I used to buy Hobbs by the bag when it was on sale at Hobby Lobby.  Not anymore.  I buy it by the roll….why you ask?  This.


I just hate it.  See the big wrinkle fold line.  I can pull and tug and pull and tug and nothing changes the wrinkles.  Plus, if you’ve work with Hobbs 80/20 it doesn’t respond nicely to pulling or tugging.

In an effort to clean up the quilting room I was using up all of the bags of batting.  If I get it all used up, that will give me another clean shelf in the sewing room.  I’ve quit buying batting in the package completely and only ever buy it on the roll….the above picture is why.

Can you guess what quilt was on the frame when I snapped the picture?  If you guessed
Easy Street, you’d be right.  I already did mine a long time ago.  This one is Kelli’s.

Next up was a quilt that I can’t say a lot about at this time.  I’ll give you a sneak peek though.


So far, I’m in love with this gem….I can’t wait to show you the whole thing.

For now, that’s what’s on the frame.


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  1. Jo, I did want to read your longer post about your batting, but where you said ‘read about it here’ there was no link to click on…..atleast not that I could find. Can you tell me the date of the post or give the link again? Thank you!

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