On the Frame: A Mystery Quilt

After I got my machine head back from Lucy’s at O2B Quilting Hubby and I put it back on the frame.  I loaded and a quilt and UGH.  Something was wrong and the machine wouldn’t stitch if I was going up and down but it worked fine if I stitched across the frame.  A quick call to Lucy-a little time with a 7/16 wrench and we up and working again.

I’m giving you a sneak peak at what I had on the quilting frame…we’re calling this one Garden Girls.

You’ll see more of the this quilt coming soon.   It uses Moda’s fabric line Avant Garden.

The design is something I just came up with…it’s something like the Baptist Fans I do that aren’t directional only I put a swirl in the center of them.  I really like them.

Watch for a free pattern to be coming soon for this quilt…oh I love the colors!!

2 thoughts on “On the Frame: A Mystery Quilt”

  1. WO HOO this is the first blog I’ve gotten in my email in a couple of months! i don’t know if it was your server, or mine!!!!

    Also I found those OXO chip bag holders, in LARGE size. DH was able to use a smaller hole that was in the handle and attach it to my straps for my quilt holder!!!!! WORKS great and easy! THANKS for that tip

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