On the Frame: A Modern Quilt

I got a charity quilt in the mail over Memorial Day weekend.  I took it upstairs to the quilting room.  I was ready to put it on the shelf when I realized I didn’t put this one onto the charity quilt listing.  Ugh.  I needed to take the note back down stairs and enter the info into the charity quilting list.

Then I thought …hmmmm.  If I simply load the quilt and do it, I wouldn’t even have to put it on the list twice.  I could put it on once under the listing of quilts that are out to binders.  Perfect idea.

I had a wonderful backing that was donated by the gals over at the Forest Mills quilt shop.  Sometime ago they were cleaning out the shop and donated several bolts for us to use for charity quilting.


This quilt is a more of a modern quilt.  There is a big white section, then the pieced center and then white again.  I did some square in a square quilting in the white.  Then when I got to the center I went with straight line quilting.


I really do like the backing with the front.


This quilt was made by Brenna G in Wellman, IA.


It was fun to have a charity quilt in and out in a hurry.  This one is being sent off to Lori L in Wahpeton, ND.

So here it is all finished and I’m off to enter it into the charity quilt listing..and look there.  I can add it right to the list of quilts that are out with volunteer binders.

2 thoughts on “On the Frame: A Modern Quilt”

  1. Perfect back for this modern quilt. Wonderful texture from the sq in a sq quilting, please post a close up pic.

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