On the Frame: A Charity Quilt

Friday I had a touch of the machine quilting bug.  I can piece for a long time but then the urge to machine quilt kicks in and I find myself at the quilting machine.  I didn’t have much of mine that had backing and top tops both prepped and ready to go so I grabbed a charity quilt.


This is a really fun quilt.  It’s super scrappy but the scraps are in bigger chunks.  It is sure to be a quilt someone will love.


I am just doing a swirl of sorts on it.  The back is all scrappily pieced together too.  Being there wasn’t any one color, I took the opportunity to clean out some of my bobbins.   I had six different bobbins that were 3/4 of the way full in a variety of shades of tan to cream colored to a variegated thread.  I used them all.  With the back being scrappy it really just adds to the fun.

The batting was pieces of left overs that I had put together to form a bigger batting.  I think it is so neat that great quilts can appear from from what others classify as just junk.

My machine was acting up a little bit.  I don’t know if it was the different threads or if something else is up.  I changed the needle and gave it a good cleaning.  I am hoping it is just a fluke.

There is another quilt very similar to this one in the stack of charity quilts.  I am hoping to get to that one soon….

2 thoughts on “On the Frame: A Charity Quilt

  1. Linda in NE

    It’s just weird how machines will act up for no apparent reason. Sometimes the only thing that works for me is to just walk away for a while…so maybe the problem is me instead of the machine. Usually a new needle (turned just slightly right), a complete top re-threading, cleaning the bobbin area & bobbin case and putting in a new bobbin does the trick. Other times I think the machine is just cranky!! :) It’s good it doesn’t happen too often.


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