On the Floor Board Front…

Saturday Kelli, Craig and I were busy working on cleaning floor boards that will be going in the new house.  If you haven’t been following along with us, we pulled floor boards out of an old farm house and are recycling them in our new house.  The boards were free but they are coming to us with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Kelli and I cleaned the boards…Craig cut them.


After setting up a couple times to do this, we finally have a really good system down.  I think that is sometimes the hardest battle with jobs, finding the right system.

We finally feel like we made good progress.  The boards near the ladder and the boards in the first stack left of them are all done!!


All of these are done too!!


This stack in the middle still needs attention.


I went to a family gathering on Sunday and while there, my sister and her husband volunteered to come and help us with the house on Thursday.  I think they are crazy to offer…but I am not turning down any offers of help!!

Cleaning the boards isn’t hard at all….just a little boring.  Thankfully Kelli and Craig made it fun…it looks like we have a few more days of fun in front of us.

The house is coming along okay….the carpenters are still working on the roof and prepping the house for siding….I’ll be in to town to work tonight and will snap some pictures.  The good news is that rafters are suppose to be here Thursday.  Hopefully the carpenters can keep busy at our house until then so they don’t have to go to another job….Keep your fingers crossed.  We want to keep them at the house as long as we can!!

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