On The Farming Front

Things aren’t all well on the farming front.  Typically at this time of the year the guys are already done or close to done making corn silage.  For those of you who aren’t farmers or familiar with farming, corn silage is made by chopping the entire stalk of corn, ear and all, off at about 5″ from the ground.  The machine to do this is a chopper.  It cuts it off the cuts it into small bit sized pieces for the cows.  The farmers do enough of this so that there is enough for feed for their livestock for an entire year.

Here’s a picture of it how they preserve the feed for the year.  The photo is from a year or two ago.  That’s Hubby the bunker on top of the pile packing down the silage with the tractor.

Well this year things are different.

They have the bunker empty and clean ready to go.


The blower to blow the silage into the bunker is all ready to go.


The problem…The corn is past ready to go.  The weather here with all the rain has kept them from the field.

Talk is that they might have to change plans.  Originally they were going to make silage as I explained…now they are thinking they might have to make ear-lage.  In this process the whole stalk doesn’t get taken.  It’s mostly just the ear of corn and up.


There is a fine line where the corn needs to have the right amount of moisture in the plants to make the best silage and the corn here is getting past that point.

The guys can do it and will manage…it’s just a new experience they’d rather not have to partake in…the bad news…the fields are still too wet and more rain is predicted for next week.  It seems the rain comes every three or four days now and it doesn’t give the fields time enough to dry.

Hubby has said this time and time again.  He is so glad that he works for a farmer and isn’t the person who has to take the losses and worry about the bottom line.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know how it goes…for now, I’ll just say, it’s interesting.

6 thoughts on “On The Farming Front”

  1. Farmers do not get the respect they deserve. It is hard job and you have to love it to do it. Weather is always a factor, too little rain, too much rain, rain not at the right time. You gotta be close to God to be a farmer because you call on him a lot . Hope things get better and they don’t lose too much. Thanks for sharing some insight in farm life.


  2. I hope you get a break in the weather so the harvest can begin. We got our silage chopped at a good time this year. We’re needing some of your rain, things are starting to get really dry here.

  3. Oh, boy, I get it. We have beef cattle and making hay has been a real bugger this year. we haven’t had enough hot days to dry the hay once its cut, so it can be baled. My husband is still haying this year. Hopefully he will be done within the next 10 days.

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