On my Porch: The Kim Story

I have a long time blog reader Kim from Tennesse.  She has parents that live about an hour away from me. She was traveling this way and had goodies to share. Oh my. Did she ever have goodies. We had arrangements for her to come to my house on Labor Day. She was coming around noon. I was upstairs sewing and listening to an audiobook. I came downstairs at 1pm to make myself some lunch. I figured that Kim, traveling, ended up at an unexpected stop or traffic was slow… I went back upstairs and worked on my quilt. Rosie needed to go out so I came down to let her out. I checked my email and there was a note from Kim. She had been here at 12:30pm. I never heard the bell. Rosie didn’t bark or let me know someone was here. AH>>> I missed Kim. I was so sad. Kim has been a long time reader and I love meeting blog readers.  So I went outside and was shocked to see all that was there.

WOW!!  I started carrying it in.  Kim ended up sending me a picture she took at my house when she dropped it all off.  I’m so glad she sent it.  At least I can put a face with a name.

I went through it all the next day.  There were so many goodies.  Imagine my excitement when I saw this bag filled with fabric that was all firemen related!!

I took it all out of the bag. OH MY WORD.

I’ll be using this to make some quilts for the fireman.  This kit was in there…I have some fabric here that Connie gave me that coordinates with this so I might make it bigger…we’ll see.

I started in on opening the boxes.  Oh my.  They were all packed full.

Here is what was inside….

There were Christmas goodies…  I’m sure I’ll see this Christmas tree soon as I put this in the pile for the Cresco ladies.  They make great Christmas quilts which I in turn pass on to a local lady who finishes them for Veterans.

There were big pieces that could make backings as well as small pieces.

These were all bigger pieces.

I really like both of these.  I think I’m saving one of them for backing for me.  I need a backing for my Hawk’s Nest quilt and either of these would work great.  I’m leaning towards the chicken fabric.  Goodness knows I’m a chicken fan!!

There were some extra blocks that I’ll pass along to the Cresco ladies.

There were two completed quilt tops.  Rosie was wouldn’t let me get a picture of them.  She was in a wild mood so, this will have to do.

There was a big box of batting scraps and Minky scraps…just what the ladies in Cresco have been needing.

Here is another box of goodies….

This box seemed kid related or kid-friendly fabrics.  Here was a bunch of 30’s prints along with a panel.

All of this fabric was frog related.  I have had some of them…

If you guessed that I pulled the tool fabric, you’re right.  I don’t know what I’d make but I’m sure Carver would like it.  If he ends up needing another mask, this would be perfect.

There were lots of Raggedy Ann fabrics.

There were so many cute prints from Carebears to horses to Thomas the Tank Engine to Cookie Monster.  These are all such fun.

I opened another box…and here is what was inside.

A bag of scraps…LOVE!!

There was a cute little sundress pattern with the buttons and rick rack that was needed.  I love the crayon box fabrics.  They are all fat quarters rolled up and in the boxes.  I pulled these thinking I’d love to make a solids quilt.

There were lots of quarter to half yard cuts.  The kitty panel was super cute.

There were so many fabrics.  I loved the blue Civil War print fabrics.

These were all larger cuts of fabric.  Many of these were two-yard cuts or more.

These pieces were all cut into 10″ squares.  They are all a little bit heavier fabric…I’d say chambray weight.

There was still more!!

The crochet hooks I’ll keep here.  Kayla often forgets a hook and I’d love to have some here she could use while she’s here.  Also, I have a little gal that comes here on Fridays only that learned to crochet (THANKS PATTY for teaching her).    The hexagon blocks I kept.  I plan to have an auction with them to raise money for my postage fund.  Stay tuned.  I have collected quite a few items and hope to be having an auction here on the blog soon.

There were lots of goodies for the kids.   When the kids come next we’re going to sort through all the markers and throw the icky ones out.  They are going to be so excited about this…I know I was.

Here is a sheet for backing…There were also orphan blocks.

SCRAPS…and in red.  I have a quilt that is on my list that uses reds so I pulled a few of these to add to my collection.

Here were some I think Kim sent with my in mind.  Neutrals…novelty prints, Mickey prints, and POLKA DOTS.  I love polka dots.  I want to someday make an entire quilt of polka dots.  Wouldn’t that be fun!!

WOW…What a fun load of goodies.  I can’t believe that Kim packaged all of that us and brought it my way from Tennesse all personally delivered.  It really made me smile.  I am so sad that I didn’t meet Kim though.

I’m hoping she stops through again another time she’s visiting.  I would so love a real meet and greet.  THANKS A MILLION, Kim.  I so appreciate you thinking of me and the charity quilting groups.

12 thoughts on “On my Porch: The Kim Story”

  1. Picture #18 has a red/creme plaid. I have some of this. Whoever you send it to, I would be happy to send the chunk I have. It’s several yards.

    Great gifting Kim. Jo makes such fantastic use of the gifts the universe sends her way. Always covering people with love :-)

  2. That is a wonderful story. How generous Kim is, she must have been saving these scraps for a while .
    I am sure you will make good use of it all. Quilters are such good people.

  3. What a lovely bunch of material and other goodies. Those Autumn colors Kim had in there has me drooling. So many beautiful materials. So sorry you missed meeting Kim.
    Enjoy everything. The firemen related materials had me thinking what kind of quilt would I make with that material. So much fun. Thank you Kim for giving and Jo for sharing with all of us.

  4. So much fabric and so little time! :-) I’m glad the Cresco ladies will have a lot to work with. They do such wonderful work!
    Kim, such a generous heart!
    Love and prayers

  5. I have just loved spending time looking at all those fabrics. Kind of like wandering through a fabric store which I don’t get to do these day. So generous and kind of your friend. This will make so many people happier. Just an idea – Make Carver a kitchen apron out of the tool fabric for when he bakes with you. COuld be fun.

  6. Kim, you have such a generous heart and I know all of this fabric is going to go to make some wonderful quilts by all the wonderful people out there. I am sorry, Jo, that you missed meeting Kim. I am sure that would have been so much fun to meet one of your blog readers and a fellow quilter.
    It was like going to a fabric store looking at all the material that Kim sent your way! Such beautiful material.

  7. Samantha Partington

    How odd that you chose to use a sewing machine and listen to an audio book when expecting visitor. No wonder you didn’t hear her knocking. Too bad of you.

  8. Jo, so sorry I missed meeting you but hopefully another time when I travel north. I’m thrilled that you found some items to keep and use for yourself and something to auction off. Glad the Cresco ladies can use those batting and minky pieces and I look forward to seeing what they create with the fabrics. They are such a talented group and I really enjoy there finishes.
    Happy Stitching Jo

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