On Kraut and Other Things..

Last week on Wednesday night Hubby said let’s stay here and get a bunch of stuff done so we can put longer hours in at the house this weekend.  I was all for that until he mentioned getting the kraut canned. It was time.  It had sat it’s six weeks and it needed attention.  I just didn’t feel like dragging all the equipment in to do it.  He could see I really didn’t want to do it but offered to help.

When we get to the new house…all this is happening in the garage and all the canning equipment is going to be in the cupboards so there won’t be as much dragging up and down stairs.

True to the nice guy that he is, he helped….well he helped as much as he could with an injured finger that can’t go near anything salty. (Remember his incident with the saw-he’s still healing and still has stitches)

I ended up staying up until 11:30 getting the last jars through the canner.  This is only a portion of what we did.  There were 27 quarts in all.

In the morning I woke up to jars covering the counters…I know he can carry jars to the basement so I think I just might save that for him..after all, he did offer to help…right??

9 thoughts on “On Kraut and Other Things..”

  1. Do you share your directions for making and canning the kraut. I love it, but did not have good luck with it the last 2 times, and had to toss it.

  2. I’ve thought of making kraut a number of times but have never gotten up the nerve to do it. I make dill pickles and I’m thinking except for all the shredding of cabbage it can’t be too much different. Good job!

  3. I love the sauerkraut or as we call it zuurkool over here in the Netherlands! a bit of mashed potato’s some minced meat… layer it starting and finisching with the potato’s then breadcrumbs on top with a few flakes of butter and off in the oven it goes….a bit of mustard with it and jum jum jummie… a dish created in heaven! so yes… i am a sauerkrautgirl and proud of it! if i only knew how to make sauerkraut by myselve…. that would be great indeed !

    hugs from The Netherlands

  4. How many cabbages did you need to make 27 quarts? I made it for the first time with my German SIL. Can’t wait till it’s done fermenting. 6 weeks? Our recipe is only for 7-10 days.

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