On dogs and gardening….

Buck and Jen ended up coming to our house over the weekend.  Kelli and Karl came home too-Kalissa was already here…..With Kelli and Buck and Jen home, that meant we had the dogs home.


Jen snapped this picture of the dogs…it’s Puppycat, Meka, and Ruby.  Cute picture right??

They chased around and had the best time.  While they were doing that the kids helped me get caught up on the garden.  It was so nice.

The garden had gotten way behind.  Friday I picked everything I could and offered it for free on a local for sale group.  I gave LOTS away.  I had planted the garden this spring not know about the house.  Now with the house, the garden has taken a HUGE back seat.

The garden was a bit behind the week before the wedding.  Then, just before we left, we got a long overdue amount of rain.  Everything  just sprang up-including the weeds.  Then getting back from the wedding I was a little behind…and then by the end of the week, I was a lot behind.  Weeds were everywhere!!

I’m all caught up now!!  Honestly, I  don’t think I would have even been caught up had in not been for the kids’ help.

The dogs had fun…and I’m happy…the garden is weeded…a perfect weekend!

2 thoughts on “On dogs and gardening….”

  1. A garden can get so weedy so fast, good thing you had some help. I dread seeing what my little patch looks like when we get back from vacation.

  2. Very cute picture! I have trouble gardening with Bruce because he loves to dig, loves the compost bin, and doesn’t understand boundaries!
    I canned my first tomatoes yesterday! Just two pints… :)

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