On Being a Grandma….

Everyone said that being a grandma would be the best.  I really didn’t know how it could be better than taking care of my childcare kids, but, it is.

Can you believe our little man is already two month old?  I sure can’t.

Kalissa calls him Bub-bee a lot….I call him Carver.  I get called Grammy quite a lot.

Isn’t the picture so cute?  I love his little double chin.

I love the blanket that Kalissa has him lying on.  She takes monthly pictures on.  The “boxes” that are around the “2” and the “months” can be moved to represent however old he is.  She did it at one month and will continue to do it as he grows.  Then she moves the photo into her photo editing software and adds the other details.  She bought the blanket on Etsy.  Here’s a link.  I think it would make an awesome gift.

Kalissa was concerned that I would be bothered and not want to watch him during non-childcare hours.  It’s hard as I have so many responsibilities beyond childcare but I squeeze in time whenever she needs me and whenever I can.  At childcare, I have to treat him like on of the other kids.  After hours, I can do what I want….I can rock him without being interrupted, unless it’s from Grandpa who wants to hold him.  I can talk all sorts of nonsense to him without the older childcare kids looking at me like I’m a bit off.  There’s something about having him one on one that’s better, and I don’t want to miss out on that.

I love this picture that Kalissa took of him.He’s in his crib falling asleep.  He is completely mesmerized by his Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother.

He’s really good.  She lays him in his crib at night to go to sleep and he’s awake.  He watches for a bit and then fall asleep.  Can you believe he sleeps through the night?  He’s been doing it since about six weeks.

Carver got his shots on Wednesday and was up the following night not feeling the best…but other than that, he’s a good little sleeper.

We can easily make it through a day that we don’t hear him cry at all.  He’s so content…  She was blessed with an easy baby, at least so far.  Let’s hope he stays that way.

Being Grammy and Papa is the best….All of those who told us it was great to be grandparents were absolutely right.  In the year I’ve had with medical woes and the like, he was an extra bright ray of sunshine.

6 thoughts on “On Being a Grandma….”

  1. My now 13 year old had an earlier version of Dream Soother. Every time we laid him down we turned it on. He always went straight to sleep. We passed it to his younger sister who also loved it. I have recommended it to so many new parents. Both kids still prefer to sleep with music.

  2. Jo, the double chin look so cute on babies, but, when you get to be as old as I am—not so cute. lol
    Enjoy the grandkids as much as possible. Now is the time they don’t mind being held or hugged. And then they grow up and fly away,

  3. He is adorable!!! My son has 4 kiddos, ages 2 to 10. Enjoy EVERY moment you can with little Carver! Times passes by so quickly:) Congratulations Grandma!!!

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