On a Vintage Venture

Friday was my antiquing day.  You all might remember there is a bi-annual sale in my area that I love going to.  They have all sorts of decently priced vintage stuff.  I just love going.  I’ve gotten some pretty neat things from there too.

Sadly the weather was terrible.

But…the picking was fun.

I snapped some pictures to share with all of you.

While I shopped it rained and rained and rained.

I checked out the linens and fabric.

There was a great old phone collection.

There were many different styles.

Salt and Pepper shakers anyone?  There was a pincushion in the bunch but it was more money than I was going to spend.

They had lots of old cabinets this time around.

To give you an idea about prices…this cabinet was $100.  I think that’s totally reasonable.  Check out the pretty collection of dishes inside.

They had all sorts of goodies.

I love the doors on that cabinet along the back wall.

I really liked the dresser in the picture below…

I tried and tried to think of a spot for it to go.  As I was thinking I pulled out a drawer.

The drawers all had dividers.  Oh, be still my heart.  I love divider drawers.

Check out all the Raggedy Ann and Andys.

This room was full!!

Even more of them!!

They had so many things to see.

Because it was raining so hard, I made a second loop through the set up.

My mom and dad have had a birdcage like this.  It made me tempted to get a bird.  I loved having a bird when I was a kid.

With so much stuff to see you can understand why a second trip around might be warranted.  Plus, it was pouring rain outside.

There were several cabinets in this area.

Here was an old hoosier-style cabinet.

This set of drawers was metal.  So neat.

This one really caught my eye.  Can you imagine it filled with folded quilts?  I’d paint the outside a better color though.

If I had a cover porch at the back of the house I would have been tempted to buy this sink.  I would make a great potting station.

When I came out, the road out was a MESS.

The wind was terrible.

I didn’t get stuck, but I couldn’t get my van out of the field where we park.  The driveway to the field was completely mud.  UGH.

I ended up having to go and talk to one of the gals that owns the place.  I explained that I wasn’t stuck but couldn’t get traction to get out.  I could only back up.

She ended up coming out with me.  She told me what she thought I should do which included me driving right across the lawn.  I just didn’t want to rip up the lawn.  I said, “How about you drive?”  She ended up having to back my van out across the lawn until she got to the regular driveway.  Oh my.

I’m guessing that the next I go in the fall that they will have hauled in a few loads of gravel.  Oh my.

So…what did I buy??  Not much.

I bought this 6 yard piece of fabric.  I’ll back a quilt with it.

I bought this little stitched sampler.  I am certain it’s not an original…but still so cute.

Read what it says on it…

“Patty Polk did this.  She hated every stitch she did in it.  She loves to read much more”.

It’s super primitive style.  The stitching is awful.  Check out the roof of the house.  It made me smile.

It has one of those alphabets with no “J”.

I love the frame on it too.  Anyway…it was quirky and totally me.  It might find its way on my sampler wall or somewhere else in the house that I find a little spot.

It was a fun find and to me, worth the $13 I paid.

It was a fun outing and even the trouble I had with the mud didn’t even dampen my adventure.

I had to smile as I was driving home.  It was last spring that I was at the sale when Kelli called and told me her water broke and the twins would be born.

That was my Vintage Venture for the Spring of 2022.

20 thoughts on “On a Vintage Venture”

  1. WOW! What a fun sale to go to! Wish I lived there! Doesn’t seem to be much of Treasure Hunts going on here in S. Arizona.
    Hope you are doing well and that your follow up appointments are good and encouraging!
    Wishing you well. I enjoy all your formats and of course your quilting ideas! Thank you!

  2. I love sales like this and all those cabinets are fantastic. But I have no room for one more cabinet. Glad you got out for some fun and that yellow fabric was so worth it.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Patty Polk told you upfront that she hated every stitch and provided proof! Thanks for providing all the photos, Jo. Good adventure for a rainy day.

  4. It is so nice to see you feeling better! I would like to ask where this place is? I live in Wisconsin and it really looks like it would be a great road trip!

    1. It’s near Sumner Iowa. You can find the girls who run it on Facebook. They The Twisted Sisters. Their next sale is in September I believe. They do it in conjunction with a few shops in town so it’s a great fun “girls day”. We’re about an hour from the Iowa/Wisconsin border.

  5. Oh that white door in the first photo! It could have come from our first house, a big old Victorian that my husband rescued. I helped by staying out of his way. I still miss those big rooms, high ceilings, tall windows, and wide oak woodwork. Nice score on the fabric and I laughed out loud reading the sampler! Thanks for taking us along on your adventure.

  6. That place looks like a wonderful place! I love your little cross stitch picture. Good find on the fabric. Hugs,

  7. What a fun sale and so glad you took all those pictures for us to see. I loved seeing all the neat baskets, wow.

  8. Loved the photos. Thank you for taking us on your fun adventure. Some day I may get to the sale on my way to or from Minnesota.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    The sampler was accurate as far as her feelings were discribed.. the Hoosier style cabinet is similar to the one mom had except it had a metal slide out counter for rolling out dough or setting bowls of food on till it was time to put them on the table. It had a flour tin that held 25 pounds of flower and a built in sifter. I was so glad when I got old enough to use it.

  10. I wish I lived closer. We could go thrifting together. You’ve got way cooler stuff than I find here in North Carolina. I’ve been looking for a small dough bowl for cross stitch pillows. I’ve found a few but out of my price range. Social security doesn’t hardly give you enough to live on let alone have some FUN money. Love to read about your thrifting adventures.

  11. I love thrifting with you, Jo! I would have wanted the rug on the floor next to the mustard coloured cabinet! (Pity I live in the UK *lol*)

  12. That dresser with the divided drawers! I’ve never seen one like that. And that yellow fabric for $6.00 – Wow!
    I love to see your vintage adventures – thanks for taking the time to photo and post.

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