Old with the Old..In with the New

I am reluctant to change.  Very reluctant to change.  About seven years ago I told Hubby to get me an MP3 player for my birthday.  He said pick it out.  I was so hesitant not knowing if I would use it but thinking I probably would.  I researched on Amazon and ended up buying one for my son at the same time.


I am not a music listener and don’t buy music at all.  I am an audio book listener.  At the time my main goal was to get an MP3 player that accepted WMA files as that is what  our online audio book lending library required.  I used and used and used my old red MP3 player.  I would hate to know how many hours that has run.  Finally I started having trouble with the screen.  Sometimes it would go all psychedelic and I wouldn’t be able to read the screen to see where I was at in a book.  It still played, the screen just wouldn’t intermittently work.  Then an hour later it would work.  I used it that way for 6 months as I don’t like change…or shopping.

Finally it didn’t work twice in a row so I said something to Hubby and he said go buy one NOW.  He didn’t want me to be without and whine.

I looked and researched again.  My daughter of course telling me to get an Ipod but cheapo me decided to try to find what I had before.  I ended up close to what I had before with a SanDisk 4GB Sansa CLIP.  My old one isn’t available but a new version with a clip was.

It came in the mail about two months ago…did I use it..Nope.  My old one started working again so why break out the new one?  (Not using the new is something that drives my kids crazy-it drove me crazy about my mom too)  Anyway…my old one started acting up again so I got out the new one and LOVE it!!  The clip is so much more convenient than the old one.  It’s much smaller but still very readable and operates about the same.  It is very user friendly.

Although my teenage daughter thinks I am crazy but I am so happy I didn’t buy an Ipod.  I only want to listen to books so why do I need more than this?

Most of my books I am able to finish in the allotted time but sometimes I get one that I need a little more time with.  I love that I get that little extra time when they are on my MP3 player.  For me, audio books are a real way of life and I would be lost without a player to listen to them on…so what am I going to do with my old one.  Keep it of course…my new one just might die and my old one would still work in emergencies.  (I can hear my kids screaming “throw it away” already)

I am off to my on line library.  I need to find another good book.

6 thoughts on “Old with the Old..In with the New”

  1. So funny to see the very same Sandisc player I have -and barely ever used since i can’t take headphones for very long. I guess I need to get a lesson on book loading to make it useful for me – and a speaker set…

  2. I love my Sansa fuze. One burned up somehow while recharging it. I bought another one at double that price and dropped it in the toilet. I bought a third one at triple the original price. I hope it lasts forever. I tried the new fuze and hated it. I bought a grandson the clip and thought if I have to replace this fuze, it will be with the clip too, unless they make it like the new fuze. I also use it only for audiobooks and would be lost without it.

  3. Oh-don’t throw it away. You can sell it on ebay and someone who knows what they are doing can use the wheel or something else on yours to make another work again.

  4. Well I not say that I get a new toy I have to play with it. I have had an iPod touch and dearly loved it until I accidently left it in my pocket and it started in the washer. Well I got it out before major damage and only lost about 1/8 of an inch of the bottom of the screen that made it a challenge. The part I liked the best about the iPod touch was it worked with Bluetooth headset as I really do not care for regular ear plug headphones and I could get head set that were Bluetooth and not have the wires to deal with. I now have a smart phone so I don’t use the iPod as much. Yes I do love my audio books too

  5. Where do you get your audio books? I’ve been wanting to try some out but didn’t want to invest too much. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I get my audio books from our library, free is my fav price. I have the sand disk too I have a hard time finding my place sometimes though, I couldn’t get very good support as they seemed to only use them for music, which I don’t do at all either.

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